[NBA] is always third games off the chain?: to overcome the curse of the 3-0 library will be very wonderful

Zhang Qiang, June 8, the United States reported local time June 7, knights and warriors two teams at Quicken Loans arena held a public training, and interview. Warriors headed star curry said they will not be complacent, they want to in playoffs repeatedly off the chain of the third field to find a way to win, “once the 3-0 scoreline, we will in a great position.


” The two teams are training in the arena of express, knight to practice, from 10:30 to 12:30, practice after warrior, from afternoon 1:45 onwards, continued to 3 point 45 points. Half an hour before the training, the warriors coach and players have been interviewed, coach Cole is very satisfied with the current situation, we just want to win, no matter who scores, who contributed to the big. Our team is the depth of the warriors, not simply rely on a player, even our MVP. So far, the depth of our show is no doubt that different players can stand up with the playoffs.” In the playoffs this year so far, each round of the series in the third game for the warrior is a chronic, regardless of the first round against Houston, this round encounter the Blazers, Western Conference finals and thunder quitting, they lose all the third field. Last trip they win, in third Games record for a total of 2 wins and 5 losses, as the ball dropped matches. So, the problem has been thrown up to the warriors today. “This problem, like the series of Houston, I didn’t play third games, but we still have a good chance to win in the last two minutes, but finally did not hold. The of the the development of persons is the same situation and is the last round of the series, we the third and third away in defeat, thunder is very strong. We all make mistakes too much, did not do a good job the details of the game, there is no good execution. Tomorrow, we want to solve this problem, their home court hostility is very strong, we learned last year. We have to make a good start, very early to play a very high energy, so that will not be behind after struggling to catch up.” Curitiba, hope the team can overcome third field always spell off the chain. Obviously, tomorrow’s third games for the two sides are very critical, the knight won, this round of the series will be long, the warriors won, only one step away from the championship. This time, curry said they should not become complacent, “we cannot be pleased with oneself, because we haven’t made anything. We know they will bring the sense of crisis, desperate counterattack, we need to have the same mentality, know the game bet big. If we can lead 3-0, we will be in a very good position.” Author: Zhang Qiang