[NBA\] is the shooter? “Beast” Curitiba, more let you fear

Despair reversed writing record unanimous MVP did not stop the Western Conference finals G4, thunder 118-94 slaughter warrior, big score 3-1 lead, curry scored 20 cast 6 in, three 10 points in 2, only 19 points, five rebounds and five assists. ESPN’s real-time promotion probability forecast thunder reached 81%, the warriors left 19 percent chance of escape, the major gaming sites, warriors of the odds of winning large as before, fell to 1 compensate 3, below the Knights and thunder ranked third, the Bovada.lv website at the time warrior status reviews short: “from the current situation, they want to make history, too difficult.” Last year, the library team won the championship, but did not get FMVP. From 2012 / 13 season in the all star game is not qualified, to suddenly won the regular season MVP, won his first championship ring, curry jump up too fast. Because of the playing style contrary to the traditional library, caused a lot of questions. Barkley repeatedly said: “I do not believe that the team can win the jumper.” Directed at the library led the warriors, even a MVP trophy and a championship trophy has not been able to persuade stubborn Barkley. And during the regular season, curry broke out again, before 3 battle for 40 minutes, a 53 points, the top 10 war boom / 333, beat Jordan become history of season 10 L 0 negative team, ten games scoring the most players. For 13 consecutive war, 12 curry are scored king, is more terrible last season, he has been very terror, single season hit 286 third creation in NBA history to record three ability on the floor again, both field goal 5 three points. First, predict the NBA will be the birth of a single season three points hit more than 400 players, and even can be said, curry’s third ball has become and LeBron ball suddenly as, the most difficult defensive attack mode. In the Library under the leadership, no Cole coached the surging warriors, they met people kill, kill the Buddha Buddha, into the unstoppable berserker stance, start 24 wins and 0 losses, North American professional sports history best, curry in scoring, MVP list has always been the frontrunner. Under his personal performance, the voices of doubt began to fade away. Curitiba seems to think is not enough, he continued to improve personal performance in the middle of the regular season. In February, curry to hand over a field averaged 36.7 points, 5.6 rebounds, 7.3 assists and 1.9 steals while shooting 54.9% rate, the third hit rate of 53.6% gorgeous data refresh single season three points hit record, help the warriors locked in advance of the playoff qualification, you know at that time distance regular season ended and nearly 2 months time, curry and his warriors. No one can be the enemy. 73 wins and 9 losses, the Braves regular season record beyond 96 bulls, averaged 30.1 points, 5.4 rebounds and 6.7 assists and 2.1 steals, hit 402 third again refresh history record, curry was awarded the scoring, third king, steals, be in league history the first 180 + club, only one field averaged 30 points the players, including 151 consecutive regular season has hit three points, single section 10 times scored 20 +, curry wrote the myth not only unprecedented, is no arrivals. At that time many people think, the only suspense is, Curitiba will become the first elected NBA MVP. With this suspense in the playoffs, the first step in the library fell. Against the Rockets in the first war, curry in the first half of the end of a sprained right ankle, next two games curry did not play, the fourth cyclotomic curry injured return, playing the 19 minutes again sprain knee ligament. Until the second round of the playoffs in youth development of G4, a full 2 weeks past, curry returned to action, 32 16 hand over 40 points and nine rebounds and eight assists, full of blood return. The ball up the performance of very tough, they in conventional time last 1 minute ahead of 3 points, curry first assists Barnes hit equalized, and overtime scored 17 points, and re create historical record in the playoffs, help the warriors won a key victory. A day later, NBA official announced curry awarded 15-16 regular season MVP, all 131 first votes, in NBA history, only one, as strong as the peak of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron, neither do curry off such a feat. “He’s a player of the time.” “USA Today” evaluation. In fact, against pioneering G4 in, curry missed 11 three points, but in overtime in the perfect performance of has still to prove: curry is the best player on the planet. Well, one of the. Thunder, only a little shy strangled curitiba. In addition to against the Oklahoma City Thunder G4 only 19 points after three games he only 26 points, 28 points and 24 points, thunder frantically siege curry, let him in the uncomfortable position of the ball, and cut off the green and he contact, let curry can go it alone. G4, it’s a turning point. If the G3 library and lost the first battle, but also laughing, that after G4, curry and his warriors no longer have to retreat. On May 27, G5, curry back, although he in the third link only 8 throw in 3, but he stepped up attack the basket with the ball, get the playoffs this year up to 10 free throws, scored 31 points, match a high degree of difficulty (2 + 1) – labeled, curry sky roars: “we won’t go back home (fishing). Thunder have a 3 chance to end the series, this is the first time they missed. The second time was 2 days after the G6, their defense for curry is still very successful, for most of the game Thunder have occupied leading edge, every brave man is about to be sentenced to death, Thompson can stand. Thompson campaign soared into 11 Third, helped the curry to win time to breathe, last minute curry continuous soared into 2 remember three key points, and in the game and 14 seconds before a sudden strong ejection lock on the victory.

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The battle to grab seven, who can stop in the library? His return to the peak of 100%, but also to adapt to the roll of thunder immediately after the takeover strategy, in the face of Adams and serge Ibaka, curry a connected a thrown into the third, G6 Thompson’s efforts, let warriors be snatched from the jaws of death, also let the library will be the proof of their chance to firmly grip in the hands. Push 7 war, curry hit 32 three pointers, continue to refresh the record in the playoffs, and now about to embark on the finals stage, the 12 year old pupils story. It hasn’t finished yet. Crowned third king just 4 season shooting hand than the blink of an eye is faster in 2011 February 11, Celtic against the Lakers, war to the first section and 1 minute and 48 seconds, Ray Allen hit the second, career No. 2561 three points, beyond Reggie Miller became NBA history of the king. After the game, on the sidelines of wearing a suit commentary old Miller embraced ray Allen, the fans will be referred to as “era heritage” moment. Now more than 5 years in the past, curry regular season three hits to 1593, league history the 19, his season 402 hits three points crazy efficiency calculation according to the, curry just hit four this season can beyond the thunder – Arran become the new history of the king. Now look back ray – Allen and Miller embrace moment, really make people feel a lot. But there is a fact that must admit, Miller walked in front, Allen followed closely, they are the same type of three Breakup: with pick and roll back, or two angles of the ambush, meets the teammate to pass a ball moves, the more critical moment, hit ratio, the higher the, in their third hit in, most of them are from teammates assists, which is the fans understand that a good three should break up some way. The library, how he is three? To against the thunder rob seven, for example, curry threw a total of 7 three pointers, including five goals in three point hit singles, of which 4 ball occurred in he and big players pick and roll, thunder immediately rotations, with Adams or Ibaka single guard curry when. Under normal circumstances, in case of pick and roll rotations is not a good idea, because rotations moment always appear defensive player is not in place, so that other players can seize the opportunity to break, they storm the basket or create opportunities for teammates. But faced with curry, thunder to have to do this, big players would rather forced to the front to allow courier to choose to break out. Do not give him three point shots of space. Can I do curry. Even the big players thunder has raised his arms, step by step, Curitiba, or will choose the third shot, of course, is after all kinds of fancy dribble + withdrawing step and flash space, and the third ball as installed on the navigation system, a pick a continue to fly into the basket, to play in front of the defender and the distance of Donovan dumbfounded. This is the ability of curry. Holding investment three points, when Ray Allen, miller can not do this, current harden, Thompson, who compared to curry is also far less. In March this year, a company called degree motionsense lab research institutions through biological analysis and motion capture technology analysis the curry in the game of various technical movement, such as curry dribble change continuously to. The peak velocity of ankle to 5.09 meters per second; 0.5 seconds, he became to the transport and ball retreat step can withdraw 1.6 meters shot; from in place of the ball hit the whole process takes about 150 ms, namely 0.15 seconds, normal people each blink rate between 0.3 to 0.4 seconds, even if defense can curry anticipation of action, can interfere with his shooting, because everything has been “too late”. This year’s playoffs, curry scored 30 off a total of three points, the first union. Hit rate was 44.8% doesn’t seem to be very high, but has more than 36% of his three points hit rate higher, when curry dribble more than 7 times voted three times. His shooting rate was 54.5%, when he held the ball for more than 6 seconds to cast three points, hit rate was 53.6%. These numbers above, create Library Amazing face basket singles efficiency, the playoffs this year he face basket singles single round score up to 1.24 points, in all played more than 10 games, face basket singles accounted for than in the more than 10% of the players ranked first, as a contrast, alliance of several well-known singles Wang efficiency are as follows: Irwin single round 0.93 points, Victoria less single round 0.93 points, LeBron single round 0.89, Durant and there is only a single round of 0.75, library not only scoring efficiency lead, 52.5% of the shots hit rate, 67.5% of the third hit rate are the highest of all the players. This is the library, a will face basket singles and three-point shooting seamless combination of wizards, before in the League not happened, but from no one can accomplish library where it, those wild ultra long distance, the circle is divided into three more signs, in the face of such a library, thunder can only lose convinced, and the upcoming finals, knight and how to do? Maximum defensive loopholes? Data exposing curry “beast” a G7 press conference after the game, in Cole say “because the library looks only 12 years old and so will be questioned for not being tough enough).” Later, reporters at the scene have been amused. No matter what is the intention of reporters, voices of doubt that, two years have encountered a lot of curry. After the thunder and push G5, Wesbrook was a reporter asked: “do you think the library is an excellent defender?” Dimensional little did not speak, just looking at the question reporters laughed. Durant took the microphone, added: “he (curry) no defense top point guard.” The dimensional ball less 31 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists, but only 28 throws in 11, 7 turnovers, curry with 31 points, seven rebounds and six assists, and 5 steals, including the audience finally 1 minutes 23 seconds, broken Durant counterattack layup to