[NBA]: James Huangwei but magician teammates too much water

June 3rd: the first finals, the warriors in the 104 to 89 victory over the knights in the home court, made a good start. Has always been concerned about the development of NBA magic, Johnson also watched the game, he pushed on twitter crazy, to the fans to express their views. Before the start of the game, he pushed: “it’s been the first game for the warriors and the Knights! Looking forward to a great series!” Then, he kept watching the game estimated in front of the TV set, about three hours after the end of the game. He quickly followed: “in the first game of the NBA finals, the warriors led the team to win 89 to 104.” Then, is the continuous review. He first said: “Livingston got 20 points, Green got 16 points, Barnes 13 points, Iguodala 12 points, they lead the 7 players scoring double.” “NBA MVP Stephen – Curitiba scored 11 points, Thompson only scored 9 points, but they still win.” When it comes to the good of the game Livingston, he said: people have forgotten, Livingston before the injury, but was regarded as’ Penny ‘Hardaway successor, he is so excellent.” The magician said “injured”, can be said to be one of the most shocking picture of occupation basketball history. At the end of 2007 2, the Clippers home court against the bobcats. Livingston played for the Clippers in a layup process, accidentally caikong, his left knee severely distorted. After the examination, the examination results were shocking: the anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament rupture, lateral meniscus tear, and recurrent dislocation of the patella. The only good news is that, although almost all of the knees are wasted, but he escaped the amputation of the bad luck.


Then he missed all the Games in the 2007-2008 season, after many teams finally found the final destination in the warriors. Magician very for LeBron to feel sorry, he said: “LeBron played very well, but his teammates but unable to in can not use other means to help the team, this is the main trouble.” “The warrior and the thunder that round sparks and tough series to help them to fight against the Knights ready.” It is because of the thunder to inspire the state of the warriors, so the warriors in the finals more able to find the rhythm. “Between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons, hawks and raptors series is too easy, so they don’t do a good game against the warriors ready.” Year two in a row of the heat of the big three, to some extent, thanks to Celtic, Pacers, a public good team desperate blocking. Their success inspired the heat of the strongest combat force. And now the knight, in the eastern too stand out in a crowd, Dugu Qiubai’s results is, in the face of strong opponents but don’t know how to win. “The warriors coach Cole Steve has made a lot of work. He made the team ready for the three points, and they did it.” “I excel smashed the tactics board of the moment, the warriors back to the attention of.” Author: Small Red Army