[NBA] spurs “0000 men” half of the 4 has been committed

Spurs away challenge thunder, veteran Duncan less than half of the 4 foul, but also a point not to be. Recommended reading: Duncan in the second quarter left 06 minutes 8 seconds to be replaced, because he has 4 foul. Are two made in Adams, a Kanter, a witters.


Duncan only played 9 minutes in the second half, 0 shots 0 free throws 0 points, 3 rebounds and 0 assists. This is his 19 year career, the first half of the 4 foul. In the three round of the series before the game, Duncan scored 8 points, 2 points, 2 points. At a key moment in the third field, Duncan was replaced on the serve, almost did not enter the stadium was replaced, the veteran in scoring contribution has been minimal, but his overall view and view can also affect the team. Popovich also said that in fact, Duncan is now in the team’s position, in addition to the player, but also a teaching assistant, he always and the players to teach their own experience, to help them grow.