La [NBA] season: do not want to go back to Europe about the outbreak

Reported on May 14: Raptors finally lost to experience more sophisticated the heat, they had to go back to home the tiebreak. Because of the heat damage inside generals Whiteside, is already a bunker Spoelstra discharged a super small lineup, height 2.01 m young Winslow registration center. The opening tip is 2.06 meters tall, Rolle dunn. I did not expect this to almost every Bianzhen received a whole heat effect, firmly control the rhythm of the game. Finally in the home win, Spoelstra coaching career, the record of the home and death war reached 8 wins and 1 losses, continue to lead the League history. Cut 30 points and seven rebounds Dragic and continuous eruptions of Wade are heat win hero, of course,, young Winslow also not to live up to the teacher expectations, scored 12 points and 3 rebounds, well make up the vacancies in the defensive end. After the news conference, Spoelstra is still modest, casually said: “Tonight we looked a bit like ourselves.” Is this predicament wave coach said, heat drop rhythm, speed up the rotation, team sent 6 remember the big hat, this is indeed a typical style of the heat. He said on the evolutions of the “five small team called of God”, “competition situation require us to do so.” However, key events do so risky Bianzhen, Spokane is not afraid of his own petard? In response, he explained: “look at this time last year, we have been on vacation.” Looking forward to the seven war, he said: “the seven of the people involved in the game is great.


” When it comes to disciple Winslow’s performance, he said: “he in the psychological and emotional are very calm, he played very professional, just like a thirty year old veteran.” Winslow played the center position of the plot, which will inevitably make people remember once to assume the task of investigating the center “magician” Johnson and Johnson that year is also a rookie, Winslow himself very modest: “, but he took 40 minutes.” Note: Winslow remember, the game magic scored 42 points. Said: “I just want to play aggressive, I don’t want to go back to Europe (play) the shine of Dragic jokes. In this game, he played aggressive, frequently to Toronto hinterland points. In fact, the series so far, his shooting is also very good, the hit rate reached 52%. He also praised Winslow: “Justice, he opened the field of space, so that we can attack. Justice works very well.” Wade in the game scored 22 points, career playoff total score reached 3765, beyond “the dream” Olajuwon rose to No. 12 in the history, John Ha Foley Cheik distance 11th in the still 11 points, such as no accident will be in with the Raptors Game 7 and beyond. In addition, although Whiteside will travel to Toronto, but not in the G7. Author: Small Red Army