[NBA] expert: 2 God or rob curry FMVP unless the adorable god…

In the finals the first three games, Stephen curry played as his own. Last year the FMVP warriors not curry, and this year the award seems more suspense. In Game 4, curry cut 38 points finally issued the declaration of MVP, but ESPN data experts still reveals he is not warriors the efficiency and value of the highest player. Compile the following text: curry is absolutely Warriors team most valuable player, but in the finals of the range is not big, curry’s erratic behavior let his efficiency as well as their substitute Shaun Livingston. Although Livingston field only get 10 points, but he was a total of 25 in 16, the effective hit rate of up to 64%, is the champion of all players in the finals more than 20 times the highest of the players. And in his 89 minutes of playing time, Livingston’s defense is also very efficient, so that his players hit an effective rate of only 28%, but also the lowest team. Livingston is rarely a tactical core, but he still has a high efficiency per turn. The contribution of curry on the offensive end to be slightly better than the Livingston (two people’s contribution to the score are more than 10 points), but his defense is sent a lot, losing to Livingston than many more than 10 points. Together, with Livingston in the finals scoring 24.1 points, while the library is 4.3 points, Thompson 3.5 points. His positive and negative efficiency value reached +31, and the library is +12. Victorious warrior in the contribution ratio of (WPA:Win probability added), Andre Iguodala’s 19% is the first team, Barnes was 18%, Livingston is 17%, while curry is 1%. Iguodala’s positive and negative efficiency is the highest in the team +54, the data in the eyes of some voters but important selection indicators. And Livingston’s positive and negative efficiency, the contribution rate of victory and contribution score is the highest. Of course, rely on the player tracking data may not be able to accurately define all efficiency and contribution, the MVP voting is not rigid. If a library such as G4 G5 also led to win in the play, he won the FMVP should be no suspense. But now, the attribution of the award is worth discussion.


It is also proved that the warriors lineup depth and curry can get support. Author: Kewell