[NBA]: James shark will lose the title will give way to do the king Library Alliance

June 8, reported: Recently, legend center Shaquille O’Neal to participate in certain activities in the interview, to former teammate LeBron James weapon, tell how he overcame 0-2 in the plight of the warriors. “To play better.” He said “so simple, concise and comprehensive, not what needs to change, to play better, with spirit. To win the whole fight.” O’neal also believes that the finals for Lebron is very important, because this is his sixth consecutive year in the finals, and he had 5 times has lost 3 times, last year also lost to the warriors. “For our generation, the legend is made up of the championship. How many titles have I won? 4. Lebron already has two champions. But if this year (Stephen curry) title, is his second championship.


Now, who is the League of the world?” “If LeBron this year to get the third championship, Curitiba, or only a, the LeBron can also keep alliance first player position. But if Stephen’s number of wins tied him, plus he’s younger more lovely, then I am afraid that everyone will support Stephen the. They will say, Lebron for six consecutive years into the finals, but only won two times.” “People always take the championship to measure you, so take the number of championship is the most important.” O’neal said. O’neal also talked to Green – Drummond in the playoffs this year to kick people is not, O’neal said he knew the action once done, it is difficult to recover. “He must be looking for a fight, but kick the lower body? I think he’s not that kind of guy.” O’neal said, “a lot of players that kick, James harden up.” For the Union now plans to punish shark cut tactics, O’neal quite calm. “We’ve been complaining about this before, but I think it’s a shark. It’s not a problem for me. (the league wants to limit) because the rhythm of the game has become faster, cut the shark tactics is very affected by the rhythm of it. Before Phil (Jackson) always said to me, I will not specifically for you to call a pause, want to win? Just throw it in.” Author: Kewell