[NBA] perfect season curry injury but unfortunately no flaw all wins MVP champion

June 20th: the warriors in the finals to grab seven knights, missed the final defending. For the library, although his individual displays this season flawlessly, but ultimately failed to defending still give him leave a deep regret. This season, curry is one of his personal single season in NBA history the most wonderful. He hit 402 with no predecessors to refresh their record three points, on the season 286 record three points record. 151 consecutive regular season with 3 ball hit, the same to create history. Throughout the season, he scored 10 points on 40 points, first points in the league. Personal data, he were shot 30.1 points, 5.4 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 2.1 steals, swept the scoring (warriors from the 1965-66 season Rick – Barry after first scoring), steals, shooting rate of 50.4%, three points hit rate 45.4%, rate of 90.8% free throws, hit rate reached 180 club “. He is the only one of the 180 clubs who scored 30 points in the field. Single season 10 times a single score of 20 points, the League first. From the point of view of the progress, Curitiba scoring than last season he averaged 23.

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8 points and 6.3 points increase. As the reigning MVP, Curitiba also created the NBA history of defending MVP single season scoring record surge. Before the record is created by Bird, he averaged 24.2 points in the 1983-84 season, and then the next season averaged 28.7 points, two seasons he has got MVP. The fastest progress award, Curitiba even ranked fourth. High level data, the season Kuliben is top, his per value reached 31.5 and contributed to the victory with value 17.9, true shooting percentage, rate of 66.9%, BPM mean 12.4, all is the first in the league. In the history of the NBA, had a total of 12 players occupation career more than once to get MVP, curry became the thirteenth person. The guard players do not much, only 2 people in the library before, are Magic Johnson, Nash. And in the history of the warriors, curry is the first to do more than one get MVP player, before the warriors history only Wilt Chamberlain took the MVP, but he only took 1 times. But these are not important, the most important is that NBA is the first in the history of the library to block the performance to get the MVP player. However regret is that in the first game in the playoffs, curry was injured, two game of a sprained right ankle. After the armistice, return in the G4 against the Rockets, however once again injured, this is a sprained right knee, after checking the medial collateral ligament sprain, degree is the lightest grade 1, curry had once again into the mode of truce. And the truce after game 4, on G4 Blazers comeback, boom under 40 points in triggered another amazing, including overtime scored 17 points, to create the new record in the NBA. However, as curry said, no time to let people slowly out of the playoffs, he could not wait for the state to return 100%. Obviously, his knees and ankles were not completely improved. This affected his play. In the Western Conference finals in the thunder, the other long arms lineup caused more trouble to curitiba. Curry in running the ball always unable to completely get rid of the defense, his power of nature can not fully display warriors once 1-3 backward. In this case, curry after three games back Yong, a total of detonation 98 points, help the warriors from a 3-1 deficit to 4-3. He also became NBA history led his team from a 3-1 catch grab in Game 7 of the players in the last three matches, the highest total score. During the finals, curry with a right shoulder injury in combat. Although the performance of a single field 38 points, 30 points, but the warriors by all kinds of disturbance events, including the impact of injuries, eventually from 3-1 was reversed Knight 4-3, no defending. The final battle, a wave of transmission error curry at the crucial moment, Irwin was also hitting the game winning three points, this is really a shame. For the library, this season is obviously regret. Author: Qiao Tete