[NBA] three points 9 in the 2 soup God is still active

Reported on May 27: a warrior today home to the Western Conference finals of the contest, 1-3 behind their can not be lost again.

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Thompson with 27 points (21 voted 8, free throw 10 9, 3 9 2), 5 rebounds, 2 assists, winning the 120-111 mighty, pull the total score into 2-3. Passive warriors now all the game is only to win can not lose, otherwise it is the end of the season. Although the defeat of a champion, but Thompson’s performance, he was third in the quarter to get 19 points, to help the warriors continue to life. Today, Thompson did not go to a war of three breaking up, he was on the outside how to throw how there are, today is how to vote on the outside how not. But never mind, Thompson and the mid-range of this skill. Today he scores are basically start from here, in addition to Iguodala and the basket with a layup. The last 2 minutes of the first half, the warriors rush, Thompson also wants to give Bogut sent a similar previous curry sent high relay dunk, but Thompson on passing technique is still relatively lacking. The ball to the strength and angle are more general Andrew Bogut didn’t get the part. But never mind, a moment later, Thompson ushered in the opportunity, he got a pass in the right corner Curitiba, three hits. This is the game he hit the first three points. In the second half, physical Thompson seems to have some impact, shot down the line of sight, war movement 6 vote only 1, under the basket was Adams fan hot pot. But also to see Thompson hard on the defensive end, he faced Durant and Wesbrook are trying to rotate. Obviously, this is a great physical strength. Three paratelum Thompson then continued on, he received Iguodala ball, outwire three points hit. Although the thunder outside also hit 3 points, but the warrior has maintained a leading advantage. The final 2 and a half minutes, attack the Thompson, but facing the various figures in the basket, the ball on the slightly worse, but the ball cole that touch the basket and the referee refused to videotape, did not give a new chance to attack. Fortunately, after the library feels okay, the penalty is stable, the warriors have lead to the end. They won the victory and a series of 2-3. Author: Qiao Tete