[NBA] Yang dabaobuping Jennings Russell: friends broke up the history of the worst team

On June 20 reported: NBA Finals finally falls next heavy curtain, but in addition to the finals, everywhere the lace news also began to hit the headlines: Lakers player Nick Yang and his girlfriend, rap singer Iggy – Azeri Leah in social media also announced their separation.

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The show a few years sweet “Jintongyunv” in a year after the engagement part company each going his own way can make people sigh. Nick Young is in June 2015 with a 10 carat diamond engagement ring to marry a successful marriage, two people are feeling the heat up quickly, Nick Young and even intends to play for his girlfriend to join the Australian nationality. Although successful career Nick later than his girlfriend, but two people in the media and lace appearance has always been positive, he has repeatedly said that will be held a grand wedding. But as Nick – poplar was gradually reduced to the bench moliu players, his mood also began to low, two reports is much less. But lead to break up the largest fuse or “our door” event: Nick Yang’s teammate Russell in social media upload a nick – Yang himself admitted had derailed the message. This caused a great uproar, Nick Yang Touxing behavior about is thinly veiled. This thing will not only Nick – Poplar cusp, pranksters Russell suffered too: in the Lakers’ he was the teammate of isolation and exclusion, everywhere commentators have also said that Russell such teammate, certainly no one likes. Although in the short time after Iggy behind Nick Young, but in two months after the two broke up. With the current trend, the composite in sight, Russell also once again become the focus of comments. As Nick young friends, “famous, honey” Jennings today to the scene to watch the game 7 of the finals, to “big mouth”, “love to comment on current events known as” Twitter Daren naturally will not miss the opportunity to comment on the, in his twitter wrote, “Dan Ji Luo pull Searle into the sports history’s worst teammates!!!! I’m cool! (after a victory sign) “I am very cool” I am afraid that he went to see the scene, but the first half of the target directed at Russell. So some may feel too harsh criticism, Jennings added, “this boy played okay.” Jennings’s comments today except that he is a special two, at the scene of the game he sent a large number of feedback, at any time to comment on the situation in the field, a commentator style, but his this triggered comments most support his view that Russell is indeed the worst teammates fans, is not in the minority. Author: Li more