[NBA] will not pass the ball? KD even swearing denounced younger brother

Beijing time in May 19th, thunder in the away game challenge champion, Durant – Kevin state of good, the first half of 13 cast 9 in the points to the next 23 points. He and Weiss drive thunder attack, and the warriors still bite. Adu scored 16 points in the second quarter, on the cover and move without the ball to create a lot of chances to score. When Weiss after the game, he even scored three points difference approximation, thunder need to rely on defense to fight back to get the initiative, Adu and Weiss also played a sense of urgency. 4 minutes and 43 seconds, Weiss Thompson in the corner out of mistakes, but the ball to Witters hands, but did not break long.

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Although Durant on without the ball cover scored turnaround jumper, oneself also laughed, but when he go to the side of winters or unceremoniously began to curse, and continuous scold two “f * * k you”. Originally, Freddy Adu has been looking forward to Witters’s long ball, but in front to the celestial hemisphere didn’t respond, as a team leader, he could not tolerate this kind of thing to happen. Although still smiling, but most also helpless smile – teammates do not listen to their command, as the boss or to the ball more embarrassing. ADU while in front of the media don’t love Xianshanloushui, but this moment in the game, his personality and self or highlight out, he is definitely not docile gentleman. But he didn’t train Witters talk back, only recognize. This thing also allows the United States reporter sighed: This is the first thing Lebron did Moss do ah……” In the quarrel between teammates is very common on the game, Wade had previously in the playoffs once scolded rookie Winslow and double less in the game play dispute has long been commonplace. In the subsequent pauses Adu or hug Witters and Randy Foye shoulder about tactics and his teammates are gathered at his side to listen carefully, his old position will not change. Author: NIC