[NBA] Green: not afraid of his fierce game?

Zhang Qiang: first reported in the United States in June 3rd finals gunpowder is ignited, the warriors and Knights game. As one of the core of the defending champion, Drummond – green in an interview or mouth Mowgli, said the finals to play who are the same, he will not because of fear, suspended change their fierce tough style of play. Finals open the first day of training, curry and Thompson has appeared at the press conference, green, Matt Barnes, Andre Iguodala, Bogert, four players standing at the four corners of the court there were interviewed.

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“It is not easy to return to this position and feel incredible, but it is not easy for us to go to this day, but it is the goal of every year’s hard work. Obviously, our goal is to defend, and came here is a decisive step, we are very excited.” Green said excitedly. Than last year for the first time in the NBA Finals, green believed warrior is more mature and calm, “this time, we are more relaxed, because you know what will happen next to have last year’s experience makes us very excited. Now, we are familiar with the environment, to experience the next all, but every thing for us is no longer strange, this is not the first time we came here.” The four season, especially the last warrior king, let Green become one of the most famous big league. Even came to the finals. He was a cynical, reporters Knight lineup neat, have a healthy, is bringing greater challenges, Green said, “obviously, they have all the guys, it is always a challenge, obviously, their lineup was neat, the team changing for the better.” Answer is very polite, but then changed the subject, “but we feel if we played his style, do we know to win things, we don’t care who is standing on the floor, and we no relationship. As long as we control what we can control, we will be all right.” On a round of the Western Conference finals three games green because of the vital parts of the kicking thunder big guy Adams, causing great outrage, will demand a ban him in a loud voice. However, he eventually escaped, or appear in the Western Conference finals fourth. A reporter asked if he would next will not take into account the technical fouls and malicious foul may bring hidden trouble of suspension, and slightly adjust their style of play, shaking his head straight green, “a point will not affect. I just go out to play basketball, do what I can do. Whatever happens, let it happen. I just play my game.” Author: Zhang Qiang