[NBA] worry ah! The knight is difficult when he was “invisible”

The Eastern Conference finals series third war begins today, the Cleveland Cavaliers away Toronto raptors. The game, the star of the Cleveland star striker Loew – Kevin played the individual in the playoffs this season has been the worst game of the game. Loew final game 9 voted 1 (three points in 4 of 1 shots), only to get 3 points and 4 rebounds and 2 assists. As the third on the team to break up and leading rebounder Loew played such a performance, eventually led to the Cavaliers eventually eat the team into the playoffs since their first defeat of. Coach tyronn Lue playoff winning streak since the end of 10 also. Last season, Loew in the first round of the playoffs against the Boston Celtics in the game due to injury season reimbursement. This season’s playoffs, Loew maintained a healthy, averaging 18.4 points and 10.9 rebounds, becoming the team’s third scorer and number one. Before entering into the Raptors with this series, Loew played in the playoffs eight games each scored two pairs of data. But against the Toronto Raptors games, Loew state of decline, add up to a total of just grabbed nine rebounds and scored no 20 points. Loew, the game continued poor performance of raptors. This game, Loew can be said that there is no sense of being played. The first section of the game, Loew shot three times are all in the distance, but three shots all follow a scoreless. Second games, Loew sustained downturn, a three point shot also failed to hit. Bad feel for Loew even get out of the cell phone will also be very hesitant. A shot of Loew in the first half of the best possible to count once across the whole pass. 4 minutes and 17 seconds left in the first quarter of the game when, raptors Carol third jumper, Loew basket grabbed the rebound, this time he saw the LeBron James has accelerated straight into the opponent’s court hinterland. Loew decisively choose cannon ball the ball will be transported to the hands of LeBron, who caught the ball in front of the Scola completed the a spectacular one handed dunk. Loew in the first half of the match is a not, due to the Loew this on the offensive end completely lost, the lack of a third point scoring Cavs first half behind 10 percent or more. The third section up, Loew seems to hand back first catch and shot hit the man of the match the first three ball, helped the Cavaliers will divide the difference to narrow 10 minutes. But it really is a flash in the pan, Loew thereafter in the paint facing Scola hook can’t hit, then three perimeter shot all the blacksmith.


In this game, the knights met the most difficult game since the playoffs. The game they end completely lost in the attack, but the main reason is the two big star Loew Irwin and the state of the downturn. Loew in addition to poor performance on the offensive end, for the team’s rebounding protection has done poorly (only 4 rebounds). Raptors billom Bo in addition to frequently send large cap, also dominated the rebound. Author: Hu Hu