What kind of Lebron does the [NBA] Knight need?

The knight away 89-104 not enemy warriors no good start, LeBron James played 41 minutes, 9 of 21 shots get 23 points and 12 rebounds and nine assists 2 steals once capping, the playoffs the battlefield time tied Malone, Anji (193) history of the tenth and total rebounding 1689 beyond Byrd (1683) 10th, a history of the playoffs on only a war times, scoring, rebounds, assists, wins are ranked in the top ten players, but such a LeBron, also can’t for the knights in exchange for victory. Today in the opening game of the match, knights in the point of LeBron’s tactics is very clear, still like the first three rounds, sinking to a low position to play, compression warriors defense perimeter teammates to create opportunities and LeBron first ball is storm hit a layup and then assists Loew jumper succeeded, Knight this kind around he hit the effect very good. If the warrior with a small lineup, LeBron matchup advantage is great, LeBron first section with 8 2 assists, all campaign goal are in three seconds, just the brave attack performance better, Knight temporarily behind. Section LeBron back execution of the first attack, three times in a row, attacking the basket does not, it can see the warriors importance of LeBron, successively Thompson, Greene, Andre Iguodala anti and anti player, and the players an opportunity in the weak side bag clip, LeBron is not only the need to score, organize team, shoulders the burden is too heavy. During this period LeBron across a milestone, postseason rebounds beyond Byrd (1683) rose to a record 10th, he became playoff history first in points, rebounds, assists wins field in the top ten players and the game is LeBron the 193 playoff games, tied the dragon and the horse Anji, rose to tenth in the history. This series of milestones, and no one is not in the description of Lebron’s powerful.


The problem is that he is too powerful to knight is really a good thing? Knight every attack will be first to give the ball to LeBron, him at this point open, Cleveland’s offense is jerky, and Andre Iguodala to LeBron’s defense was very successful, continuous start Cedrop LeBlanc breakthrough, as against the Oklahoma City Thunder G6, at the last moment, Durant is cut off, the key ball like. Whole section, LeBron shot four times all blacksmith, Knight once pulled 10 points gap, at the last minute LeBron only two free throws hit break the score uncultivated land, back for the second half, LeBron to strengthen the long-range attack, this is a wise choice, the so-called overall attack is so, war to 6 minutes and 58 seconds LeBron dry pull three point hit, Knight lifted high scoring once finish, this section there are 2 minutes and 12 seconds to ball sudden strong, this is the knight, this section of the final score. Next two sides rotation warriors with the lineup depth blasted 15-0 offensive frenzy, tyronn Lue xianshibumiao immediately for LeBron James, up after LeBron out for Loew assists, his attacking the basket also succeeded, the problem is warrior has found the feeling, a group of substitution has the knight beaten senseless. The gap between the two sides more pull more, LeBron in 5 minutes and 29 seconds assists Jefferson 2 + 1 just will be divided into difference narrowed to 17 points, Boming moment comes, LeBron will stand up to it? Lens scene will continue to LeBron James in the face, he is some anxiety, returned to the field on LeBron first by Livingston made turnovers, hit a record stem pulling three points and green made mistakes, is clever warriors in this performance, don’t LeBron a on a hard fight, the second quarter Andre Iguodala, now the Livingston and green are the same, when low, he singles suddenly removed defense let him fall, or moving in start chipping, all directed at the ball, avoid physical confrontations, LeBron is covered with strength also not out. When the curry, Thompson continuous soared in three points, game finally no suspense, Knight replaced all the main declared abandoned. Eventually they the away game 89-104 lost to warriors and watched rivals to get off to a good start. Author: John