[NBA] playoff assists third! LBJ and a history of history

NBA Eastern Conference finals continue, Lebron continued to create a milestone. In G3.

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Section three left in the game 10 points 03 seconds, LeBron assists Jr hit a record three points, assists the number to three, playoff career total assists reached 1264 times. Lebron’s total number of assists in the playoffs beyond Kidd (1263), rose to third place in the history of NBA. The first two are Stockton (1839) and Magic Johnson (2346). In addition, Lebron also voted into a game of three points, which made him in the playoffs three points hit the number of charts beyond Billups, becoming the seventh place in history. On a game, Lebron’s playoff score beyond O’neal, rose to fourth. In addition, LeBron’s playoffs in total steals the history of 5, rebounds also ranked in the history of the third 12, the playoffs a battlefield rows in the history of the first 13. 31 year old Lebron is still continuing to create history.