[NBA] coach Sloan: I’m not afraid of tears on the condition

A generation of Marshal Sloan last month announced that suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Louis dementia. Saline Lake City Local TV station to Sloan’s record, his daily life after the illness, and to interview the coach. In the interview, Sloan was in tears, but he is still strong and said: I am not afraid! Every morning, Sloan and usual, walking shoes, with her dog Max, began to walk 4 miles every day they. For the 74 year old hall of Fame coach, after the prevalence of some simple things, has become no longer simple. Sloan said, “they said, I have Parkinson’s disease and Louis’s disease.” Sloan received medical treatment every day to ease the progress of Parkinson’s disease, the disease affects the central nervous system, causing the body to shiver and other symptoms. At the same time, Louis’s dementia as a kind of dementia, will lead to decline in cognitive function, patients will slowly lose thinking, memory and language skills, brain function will gradually degenerate. Sloan was found in the fall of last fall ill, has been to keep the secret, do not want others to feel sorry for him. Sloan said: “this is a difficult situation, because you have to move away from what you have always liked to do.” Sloan exclaimed: “I have never heard of this disease is very easy to cure, so, to accept the punishment, continue to move forward.” Sloan suffered all kinds of misfortunes in his life. Born to a farm family in Illinois, he is the youngest of the 10 children in the family. When he was 4 years old, his father died. Sloan said: “if my father is still alive, maybe I will never play basketball. Because the kids have to stay at home and work.” Basketball saved Sloan, he also for the past 60 years of passion. Although the memory has been part of the recession, but as long as about basketball, he still speak closely reasoned and well argued.


He is still trying to watch the basketball game on tv. He recalled his because of basketball and become attached to the good friends — former Utah Jazz coach Leyden, he is most proud of the two disciple John Stockton and Malone. About Leiden, Sloan said: “he put his hand to me, he is the Utah jazz.” Talking about Utah Shuangsha Sloan said: “if your life to take charge of their players like a, you are very lucky.” For Sloan, the most difficult is the next do not know what will happen. The coach wiping away tears, said: “I am not afraid. I’m just afraid that day and day and shake it down. If one day no longer shake, I’ll be okay. You must make the best of every day, for there may be one day you will be on a rough road.” Tammy is Sloan’s second wife (Sloan’s ex-wife died of cancer more than 10 years ago), and now has become a full-time husband of her husband. Tammy said: we do not know how the disease will develop, and perhaps he will always remain in the current state. Every day, as long as he feels better, we will try to live a little. If he is not in good condition, we will have a walk around the house.” Sloan said: “we have always been educated to fight for their own way out, my life has been lucky. Maybe this will be the end, who knows.” Author: Hu Hu