Tonight is the king [NBA] library board not grab the FMVP?

Warrior continues today and knight of Total Finals clash, in G2, the warriors played better, most of the time occupied the dominant, curry in foul trouble, data with 18 points and 11 (7 throw in, three 8 4), 9 rebounds (team) was the highest, 4 assists, but has little effect on the, ultimate warrior 110-77 has won a great victory and a 2-0 lead. A library, in the last 2 minutes to make double figures, but the warriors win is still relatively easy. Curry said his G1 is not in the state, today will be back to back, but he also stressed that he did not need a taste score. At the beginning, Cleveland or double of curry, curry and the ball is not very neat. After a mobile phone will be 3 points outside the library is not in. Today, a few minutes to start a few minutes of the shooting efficiency is very low. The defensive end, curry in the back against the fast break of the knight Lebron, eat a foul. 7 and a half minutes, warriors attack, curry outside the ball, mobilize the knight’s defense, and the basket formed Andre Iguodala unguarded high vacancy, curry a accurate straight plug passing, Andre Iguodala easily dunk. After the rebound process, curry is also very active, the knight was forced to fight under the control of the rebound. Two minutes later, the warriors played successful counter attack, Bogut sent large cap, side curry rapid immediate frontcourt, outside directly soared to a remote 3 points, the ball! At the end of this section, curry and get dribble the chance to fight back, killing the basket before defenders rushed after the easy layup. The first section of the library had 6 rebounds, this is a surprise. Second section of the regular rotation is the presence of Thompson flagship time, warrior hit attack climax, curry in the presence of hard to Thompson applause. He go back after 3 minutes although not hit, but a beautiful counterattack in the distance jump stop is very simply. 3 minutes and 26 seconds, Curitiba outwire 1 hit 1, carrying a few after pitching a ball! Immediately, brave and successful anti down wave Knight’s attack, counter in curry and Thompson heart Lingxi, a handsome pass directly to the left Thompson, Thompson hit a 3-pointer, the whole process is in one fell swoop! However, there is little trouble is, defensive back, curry of LeBron James and received his third offense had to end the rest. And after he end, the warriors are also being hit by a wave of small climax. In the second half, Curitiba with outside unreasonable 3 retaliate Knight of scoring, but he in a single pass used large diagonal pass, results are broken, comeback he on Jefferson paid his fourth foul, no and end. Distal curry and battle, but this time scene is warriors leading straight to the 30 points to, so his performance how it would not matter.


And played for a while, curry was Knight James Jones hit in. After his fate, the game appears to have won. Author: Qiao Tete