[FOOTBALL] Mourinho: To Manchester United in the base would have to win or how to blow to all in vain

October 23rd report: May this year, Mourinho became Manchester United manager. Over the past 5 months, the prophet has been trusted, has also been questioned. He knows to want to be in the Premier League in the history of the most successful coaching club is not an easy task, he said to get the support of Manchester United fans, there is only one way, that is to win. Jose Chelsea has won numerous brilliant, he led the blues to win a number of champions, which is the cornerstone of his support for the blues fans. Mourinho is confident he can get back to the bridge for the Chelsea fans? “Mirror” that is because Mourinho is Chelsea’s merit, he let Chelsea harvest a champion. In his career, he has traveled many wealthy, he understands the importance of the fans, but also understand how to get the support of the fans.


“Only to win the championship, fans can recognize you. Champions in order to let the fans and the coach really live in harmony, only the championship in order to make the relationship between the coach and the fans become hardcore.” Said the prophet. “My contract at Manchester United for a period of three years. Three years later, I might get this evaluation: for the club dedicated all, very dedicated, 24 hours for the sake of the team…… However, if the next three years, I could not help the team win a championship, fans may issue such a feeling: “yes, he is a good man, a good coach, we all love him, but we don’t think he has what special.” Chelsea in the history of a total of 4 league titles, 3 of which are in my hand to get. I took them to Wembley to Cardiff City, brought to the cup final venue. So, the fans support the coach is built on the basis of the team’s success.” Jose said. Looking back on his coaching career, he admits: “I love any club I’ve ever had. Professional integrity requires that I have to pay 101% for the team. I was born in Portugal, but I’m not a supporter of Oporto. However, after I became the Oporto manager, I was able to work for the club without any reservation. Then, I also for Real Madrid, inter, Chelsea systemic heart to pay. Now, I have started work in Manchester United, I will still maintain the previous professional ethics, so I must be 100 percent loyalty to Manchester United.” To match the identity and Chelsea meet Mourinho, inner five mixed, he said he was very grateful to the support of the Chelsea: “in the last two or three months under Chelsea, I led the record is not ideal, but Chelsea fans still support me, they maintain my relationship with them, I will never forget those things. I will always be grateful to Chelsea fans, they are really great. Chelsea fans are aware that I am now a Manchester United coach, I am sure to take three points in the Standford bridge. But, anyway, I have a great respect for Chelsea fans and the club.” In charge of Inter, Mourinho and Conti had met. In December 2009, Mourinho’s inter and Conti Atlanta war 1-1 level, this is also the two Marshal had only a fight. Mourinho has forgotten the game: “I remember I once and he met in Italy. Oh, yes, he seems to have had a confrontation with me when he’s in Atlanta.” Next week, the season’s second game Manchester derby will be started, will be united in the Carling Cup and Manchester pedestria, before the last game, the game is united this month devil race here, Manchester United have been with Liverpool, Farenair Pace and Chelsea played. Fight for the first time this season, Manchester United home court lost 1-2, Reds fans expect Manchester United to revenge in the next week, but Mourinho is not very much the Carling Cup: “this is the Carling Cup, to tell the truth, this is not the most important of our four front lines. I think the game is not very important, I will not focus on the game, of course, we will go all out.” Author: Feng Guo Xiang