[NBA] has more than 2 Irwin wilt? Field and LBJ connection 1 efficiency was KO and leg.

In the finals of the first two games, a total of 48 points to win the game, which for the Eastern Conference playoffs easy clearance, made 12 wins and 2 losses, they are undoubtedly a dangerous signal. In the Eastern Conference playoffs averaging 24.3 points, 5.1 assists, shooting rate of 48% of Kerry – Irwin seemed Panruoliangren, in Game 2 of the finals, he only got 10 points, at the two ends of the offensive and defensive are called invisible. The original Knight will attack by Lebron and Irwin in promoting, Irwin’s arrhythmia on their impact is very great natural. Irwin with LeBron also lost contact, according to ESPN’s data, in the two games, LeBron after Irwin, direct passing shot only once. But between Irwin and Lebron dribble hand off with only once, but also resulted in a turnover. Irwin in the finals only sent 5 assists, let his teammates get 13 points. In warriors squad, a total of 5 players on this data than Irwin do well. Count his own score, a total of only 49 points for the knight, the number of warriors is what level? Livingston – Sean in the two game assists teammates or his total score of 46. Livingston shot 22 times less than irwin. This year the Knights squad arguably Lebron should get more help to. But it now appears that the knight playing better than did last year, Irwin and Loew worse. The knight had full of confidence with the warriors to competition a small lineup, the results of the two games lost. And in the Eastern Conference play magic Frye also attributed to silence. Only two games played 11 minutes, 2 shots of 0 only on free throws to get 2 points. Back home, knight may be to make certain adjustments, whether it is the revitalization of the three pointers, or try a big line-up, they must are desperate, Irwin whether the recovery will also become the key factors. If you continue to be the rhythm of the warriors, the knight’s title hopes I’m afraid it will really be killed. Author: Kewell