[NBA] Raptors fans are street shot was a Vancouver gangster

According to Canadian media news, a former Vancouver gangster in the streets of Toronto was shot dead. The murdered man named Su – deo, aged 34. He is also the Toronto Raptors fans, often appear in the Raptors on the sidelines. In the season of the Eastern Conference finals in fourth games, Austria also has since arguing with the referee and was ejected. The shooting in the afternoon local time, about three o’clock, and the site of the incident is distance downtown Toronto’s Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue near the intersection of a small alley. Austria was a luxury car. Then the two men started to draw him crazy fire. Later, the police found at least 14 bullet hole on the driver’s side window above the luxury car.


Toronto police service is responsible for the case of sergeant Ruben dott Luo Bei told reporters: “no thought at this point in time, in this busy zone will be one of these shootings occurred, people feel very shocked.” Germany and Austria confirmed the death of Uncle nephew. He said that the whole family are very sad, this incident is too terrible. German and Austrian uncle revealed that his nephew was married, home and young children, a few years ago moved to Toronto. At present he is talking with a friend partnership business, a motor transport company. It is understood that in German was shot before has been in the investigation by the police, he was suspected to be related to many criminal cases. Her brother in 2005 because of triad related cases of kidnapping and sentenced to punishment. And his father was also listed as a drug smuggling India police wanted criminals. According to the Toronto police are urgently wanted two men involved. According to police, after the incident, the two gunmen driving a black car quickly fled the scene. Two gunmen dressed in a green jacket, a man wearing an orange shirt. No matter what the background in the field of basketball, rodeo first is an avid fans of the Toronto raptors. He often goes to the game site for the Raptors cheer. When the Eastern Conference finals in fourth games before the German bought courtside seats to watch the game. In the game, he was dissatisfied with the referee and loudly questioned the referee, he was eventually expelled from the referee. Her uncle said: “we are the children at home all day, see him on tv. He really is a huge fan of the Raptors, he always go to the scene to watch the Raptors game.” Author: Hu Hu