[NBA] Cole: the warrior is not likely to reign forever

Recently, Steve Cole accepted the ESPN interview, talked about his coaching warriors happy and difficulties. Cole has been able to put the mentality, which is why the Warriors team so relaxed and happy atmosphere. Cole said when he was young, he never thought about the chance to play NBA, and did not expect his career to play how long. “I just want to play as much as I can for a few years. It’s really nothing more fun than playing the game. Play is actually more interesting than coaching, and earn more.” He said, until 37 years old I retired, and that time I have been completely belong to NBA, and no longer want to coach the University team.” Cole did not immediately become a coach after retiring, first to do the narrator, and then entered the solar management. He also said that he was not a good manager. “I feel that my communication skills are more suitable for a manager than a management, but that experience made me aware of how important it is to communicate and run in between the players and the manager.” He said, “I also made some mistakes, especially in the treatment of Dandong, Nepal, I should do better.” Speaking now in the warrior’s agenda, Cole said: “in general I will first meet with Fresse Bruce to drink coffee, discuss the team situation. And meet up for coffee before training. We have a meeting is not much, the playoffs will be more, but we have to be busy with their own things.” “Some coaches in the training before the start of the service for the players, I will find Luke, asked him: what do you think should be on the offensive end? Ron (Adams) will come to my office to discuss defense tactics, and I will tell him what he agrees with. Are simple conversations. We have breakfast in the hall, and then went downstairs to the players to discuss training plan.” Cole said Walton was the poaching, let him feel very proud. “But he can’t be replaced.” Cole said. “I choose the coach are to truly understand basketball and very interesting, there is sense of humor, last year, we had already lost the Irvine (gentry), when I have prepared, and this year is Luke, really is very difficult to accept.” When talking about the worst part of the coach’s work, Cole said: it may be a long distance flight in the middle of the night, really do not adjust the time of the day.


But the worst, it’s supposed to be losing. I didn’t feel it, because the team has been very strong, we played very happy. But I understand that this rule is not permanent, you can only enjoy the moment, lose can not be fun.” Author: Kewell