[NBA] expert: 10 warriors abuse data can give more trouble Toronto Knight Warrior

Before the start of the NBA finals third war, CBS expert Matt Moore writing articles, combined with data on the warriors and the Knights of the analysis. From Moore’s summary is the first two data comprehensive point of view, two games before the finals, the team is just like a disaster in the face of a disaster. First, look at the data. The warriors in the total score (214-166) in the backboard, 87-81, defensive rebounds (66), assists 55-32, capping (13-7), shooting hit number (87 60), one-third of the ball hit number (24-12), per 100 possessions both positive and negative values, inside scoring (104-82), 10 data using error score (51-32) were victory over the Cavaliers team. Which worthy of note is that the warriors of the rebound has been weak, before the finals in their field are rebounding is to lower than the opponent, even in the Western Conference finals against the thunder team game, rebounding weakness is once let warriors almost out. However, in the first two games of knights, warriors instead take advantage of the rebound. Another notable is the three point of the team. In the first two rounds of the Eastern Conference playoffs, the knights were swept through the Detroit pistons and the Atlanta Hawks by a fierce three point fire. But the finals two down, the Knights of a total of only three 12 points into the ball.

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In addition, the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals against the Raptors resolutely to the inside, the inside scoring overwhelmingly. But in the finals, they also lost to the inside of the warriors 22 points. Knight team only three data is dominant. Their steals to 22 – 16 lead, fast break points to lead 29-23, free throw rate is higher, two games down Knight been fined a total of 44 balls and the warriors only punished 20 goals. In addition, the two sides in the two attack score is 28. Moore also made some other points of view. For example, he said that his early in the finals last year when Irwin and Loew said no Knight warriors better. In the finals last year, the knight put everything to Lebron, he was in an attack mode for 48 hours. But this year he has more helper, but always think of sending assists for his teammates. Moore also said that the knight in the East is no doubt the best team. However, may perhaps Raptors bucks this team but can give the warriors making more trouble. During the regular season, the Bucks had defeated the warriors, and the Raptors in the two duel with the warriors play very close. Toronto ability is not as good as the knight, but they may have a better alignment of the warriors. Author: Hu Hu