Harden is not the Warcraft [NBA] to destroy him…

Recently, Howard – Dwight accepted the ESPN interview, once again talked about his recent years in the Lakers and rockets, and finally admitted that the effectiveness of the difficulties, he last season with the Rockets management conflict differences. Howard said that he had with some close friends discussed what happened out of his contract this summer, he said: “we didn’t play good season, I played well, it makes me very frustrated. I couldn’t have been focused on (free market), I have to go to the gym have better physical condition. Once I go out of the contract, my thoughts will be very messy, and I will give these things to the broker.” Last season, Howard has often been criticized in the game not in Yan. He said this: “it is because what happens behind the scenes hurt me, let me feel here do not know what to do.” “I think my role has been weakened. I called Darrel (Mo Lei) and asked him to let me in. But he told me, “no, we don’t want that.”. I don’t understand why, this makes me very shocked, I told him: not do not respect you, but you never played the ball, and I played a long time, I know how to play is efficient.” Howard said, because he did not get the ball, he really will be very depressed, which affected his performance. “For a big guy, I am still very young, is still in the peak period, I try hard, but still unable to get the ball, this will make you particularly frustrated.” He said. Howard also said that towards the end of the season, he has tried to adjust their mentality, and the Celtics legend Robert parish call and efforts on the court stay focused. When asked and harden the relationship, world of Warcraft, said: “prior to joining the Rockets, I think he is a very special player, also feel that we can become a mini OK combination. We played a very good performance, the last season has entered the Western Conference finals.” Howard said: “I don’t know why the relationship between the two has worsened…… I want to know why, probably because of the outside interference problems around chemical reactions.” Howard did not decide whether to leave the rocket, he said: “you never know what will happen, but no matter what, I will remain to do their own, will not let the depression affect me. I’ll be stronger and start again.


” Asked before Bryant on a series of his criticism, such as not to win in the first place, tough enough, and so on, Howard said: “when I just went to the Lakers, warned me and Kobe will want to be a star. I don’t think that’s the problem. Bryant is to pressure me. He said the team didn’t time Dwight injured the words, but it is not necessary for me to tell him about my health. I have been on the side of the team told Kobe: the only way we can win is to let go of the ego and unite. I want to be a teammate with him, but I’m not sure he doesn’t want to be with me.” Author: Kewell