[NBA] Knight fans live eating Jersey because…

According to CBS reports, the Jinzhou warriors in the Western Conference finals staged a big reversal, they eventually took over the Seven World War defeated Oklahoma Oklahoma City Thunder team. This game is an exciting thing for the warriors fans. This is not so good news for a knight, who is called “x DIRTY DAN PARTY”. The knight fans had predicted thunder team will beat the warriors advance. He even bet that, as long as the warriors to achieve a reversal of promotion, they live to eat jersey. Contrary to the resistance encountered in the eastern part of the knights in the East, as the defending champion of the Jinzhou warriors in the Western Conference finals met Durant and Wesbrook led by the thunder strong resistance. In the first four games in the series, the thunder team to the warriors to create a great trouble, made a huge lead 3-1. The door to the finals is close to the thunder team. At that time, most people are not optimistic, the warriors can also turn the tide, won three games to realize the reversal. Which included the knight’s fans. He even made a bold bet: I would live to eat the shirt, as long as the warriors advanced to the finals! However, next the warriors refused ended the season journey, they win Game 5 and the sixth game, successfully will series dragged into the tiebreak. In the battle to grab seven, in the home court advantage of the warriors eventually gain another victory. Warriors have thus become the tenth NBA in the history of the 1-3 team to achieve a reversal of the team. Warriors win, so that their fans carnival, but the knight fans have been distressed. In the end, he decided to keep his own bet. As a knight fans, he is still not forget to eat in his white T-shirt written on the knight team six wins”. This is also considered, he supported his home team to win a clear statement. In the broadcast, the knight fans said that for security reasons, they will not all eat this t-shirt. So, he just cut out the three pieces of cloth for this T-shirt. And interesting is, in order to make these fabrics taste better and easier to swallow, the fans also especially the cloth dipped in a barbecue sauce to eat together. In fact, a lot of similar gamble, some fans will always be a momentary brain Raidi said “if XX win, I live to eat XX”.

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Of course, many fans have not been able to honor their commitment in the end. Although not eaten the whole dress, also use the barbecue sauce as a condiment, but there is no doubt that the Cavs fans is absolutely honor its promise to the man. This is probably not a reasonable bet, but a promise is a promise, “PARTY x DIRTY DAN” is really not. Author: Hu Hu