[NBA] soul swap? Library “LBJ feel helpless” this is the University of him?

Warriors lost in the finals G6, competition is very bad, curry was guilty of six plus expulsion, this let he scored 30 points to a boondoggle. Today’s game, many warriors players state downturn, including Thompson, John Barnes, Andre Iguodala, suspended for the return of the green nor too much influence. Only one person in the offensive end library support, the first half of his three points in the 4 ball 8, 18 points, a man carrying a team. This process can not help but think of the opposite side of the opponent Lebron. In the past, LeBron often lead to fans distressed, feeling him no help available, only a notch, against the whole world.


And this situation until after Lebron went to the heat to get better. Back to the knight, Lebron often into a person against the world’s model, and even in the finals he also had a similar frustration, such as G2, G1’s defeat. Today however, curry and Lebron curry soul swap, became a hero who led the powerless. This year’s playoffs, curry due to several injuries is ups and downs, during the finals, and his overall play is not good, but G4 also 38 points, help the warriors once a 3-1 lead. But in the key of G5, Curitiba lost Green such an important helper, also lost the right inside the boggart. And today’s G6, looking at Barnes 8 voted 0 in the first half Thompson three points 6 in the 0, Iguodala repeatedly lost Lebron…… This kind of out of order drag performance, Curitiba can roll up their sleeves on their own. As the Bay Area reporter Marcus – Thompson said: “now the library opened the Davidson school model.” During the period of University, curry had staged a performance of the NCAA’s frenzied, his team’s strength was poor, but he to team to carry on the shoulder, with terrorist attack a notch upset. Today, warriors did not win the victory, in contrast, knight, besides LeBron number according to hot outside, Irwin, Jr, Thompson, Jones is all flowering, hit the various eye-catching performance. Can only say that this game is turned upside down, 30 points behind the library is a capital of the helpless. Author: Qiao Tete