[NBA] also will also will total total death! Small array is really dead on quietly sounded

June 20th: the end of the NBA finals, the warriors in battle to grab seven knights, lost the title. Killing four in the regular season of “death five” lineup and no longer fear of facing the new warriors reconceiving lineup in the future. Warrior’s death “five small” lineup is composed of curry, Thompson, John Barnes, Andre Iguodala, green, the lineup of fame began in last season’s finals. Warriors in the big score 1-2 backwardness situation, began boldly evolutions, they will Andre Iguodala included in the first mover, and Andrew Bogut basic abandoned. The lineup to the immediate effect, high quality of attack and defence that allows the rider to deal with, the warriors successful turnaround, winning 3 games, won the championship. This season, in the regular season, warriors of the death five small lineup continues to play great power, open season has been able to achieve 24 wins and 0 losses surprising start, and five small lineup that nuclear weapons have very important relationship. When our warriors passive, or behind a large margin, as long as sent five small lineup, what kind of adversity can reverse the, what kind of game can take. A data shows that death five small strong, during the regular season, the five small lineup altogether goes to battle the 182 minutes, the margin of victory of 166 points. But in the playoffs, the death of five small gradually lost its power, from the game against the Blazers series is revealed clues, in the Western Conference finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder is a dismal performance, warrior because once fell into a 1-3 situation is and five small lineup was waste has the very big relations. In the face of thunder warrior “long PFLP,” became a disadvantage, passing and scoring strengths is difficult to play. Until the conference finals G6, five small lineup finally save face, they in the game for the last 6 minutes and 33 seconds of time played thunder wave 21-10, to restore the series. But even so, in the finals, all five lineup is still eating ash. Especially Barnes this, G5, G6 in his shooting slump, a total of mobile warfare 22 vote in only 2, which leads to Knight releasing his perimeter vacancy, the warriors of other players in 5 – 4. Before the G6, death five finals a total of present time, 29 minutes, 14 points margin of knight, and G6 their presence 11 minutes in a net negative Knight 18 points. Today the G7, the warriors will no longer be used five first mover, but on the center Yizeli, Andre Iguodala, who came on as a substitute, this may also take into account the Andre Iguodala injury. Warriors started well, the first half leading 7 points, but ultimately lose. Barnes this is still poor performance, 10 of the vote is only 3. Iguodala is also a critical moment of repeated attacks by capping. Finally the warriors lost the game. This summer, Barnes will become a restricted free agent, after the boss had made a statement, no matter how other teams out of the offer, the warriors will match, leaving Barnes. However after a mediocre second half of the season, the overall decline in the playoffs, and undercover finals, the warriors of Barnes confidence left? Jo Barnes eventually left, so the old glory of the death of five will completely become history. Author: Qiao Tete