No clear division of cross-border [NBA]LBJ: Knight

Although in the regular season, knight and didn’t play stunning performance, but in the first two rounds of the playoffs, they are absolutely play the best team. In an interview with the three giants also believe that this year’s Knight with last year’s finals in the finals of the knight has been completely different. Loew said: I think the difference lies in the experience, even if I was sitting on the bench last year, most of the time, but still very focused, so I get to know more about the team, how to win.” Lebron said: “we are healthier than last year. Everyone knows their roles, there is no out of bounds, no people to do more than the scope of their ability, and the big three is assumed more responsibility. ” On the season, the knights in the playoffs really unlucky, Loew in the first round is due to a shoulder injury claims the season Irwin in the finals also failed to adhere to finish. Irwin, in memories of the injured and sidelined with a bad aftertaste, he said: “for the individual that does not calculate good, from after the injury, mental stress, in order to return to the game, made efforts is absolutely unforgettable.” “The mood is probably reflected on the court, I have to find a way to make their own efficiency, to re adapt to the fast pace of the game now.” He said, we are looking forward to my play with the past, the same performance, after each game I was asked how I feel, but sometimes, I really do not know.” Now in the playoffs, Ecuador Wenchang averaged 24.4 points, the team scoring. He has overcome the psychological shadow of the injury, with hard training to prepare themselves well. He also said: “the team will play better, more sense of urgency. We have been waiting for a long time in the playoffs last season, the Champions League defeat, and that this year we have to maintain a healthy, with a new mentality to face.” Coach tyronn Lue also said: “to win you have to be strong, is lucky enough to keep healthy. The playoffs this year there is a lot of injuries to key players in the first two rounds, we are very lucky.” “And, with the big three, you do not need to struggle, as long as you find ways to make them coexist, unite to play on it. Even if there is a problem, I would like to deal with.” He said. “Now, we all trust each other, but also trust the team system, trust pass.” Lu said, to unite to play is very interesting, we all enjoy the game, because everyone knows everyone can touch the ball, if you are in a space, you can hit the score.


It makes it easier for you to play.” Author: Kewell