Green [NBA] “dig crotch” action won the Daniel Wu support: if I was Green Genghen

Finals G4 Warriors team made the a key victory. In Cleveland the defending champions at home to 108-97 beat the Cavaliers.

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In the great score they have is a 3-1 lead for the Cavaliers, got the finals match point. And scene in the game happened still in continuous fermentation, at the end of the game with teammates pick and roll, warriors of the green and LeBron entangled in together, green fell to the ground. And LeBron to step over the green body, this action angered the green, green recorded a overcast stitch hand struck in the LeBron’s crotch. After the game, Lebron expressed dissatisfaction with this action, and hope that the alliance will be able to re composite this action. For this action, Daniel Wu, a famous movie star unexpectedly also in INS: the his views, Daniel released a green after accept interviews, photographs, at the same time, the foot of the green a close-up and Peiwen way: “not the Kui is I in the NBA’s favorite doers, in the choice of sports shoes turned out to be and I have the same taste, although this shirt collocation (speechless)…… And as he and LeBron in the pick and roll when the body contact: if people try to the I pulled from my body cross in the past, my response should not only play balls. ” Ins Daniel a pair of green brain powder shape, in fact, has been Daniel is a yong dense, last season, the warriors won, Daniel Wu also in INS issued to celebrate. Of course, there are also more rational netizens leave a message for him, said green, the action is not calm, especially since there are still will be the danger of alliance, suspended. Green may indeed because of this ban, the playoffs so far, green were to eat the one at a time for a flagrant foul and a secondary malicious foul, if his actions to be upgraded to a level of the evil committed, then he will be suspended for one game, if it is a second level of the evil committed, then will be suspended for two games. Author: Zhao Buchuan