[NBA]127 days after NBA finally return to the day of the opening day of the opening of the focus of the war

October 25th reports: after a long wait for the offseason, the new season finally in sight. From last season, warriors and knights in the finals of the G7 fierce battle to the new season, the Knights of the championship ring, the time has been separated for 127 days. In the past summer, NBA has changed a little. Team salary cap rose to 94 million, the player’s annual salary will rise, a record one hundred million yuan big contract endless.


Durant Kevin’s transfer has changed the territory of the Western championship, while Kobe, Duncan, Garnett has retired for a time slowly pulled down the curtain. 2016-17 season’s opening day will be in Beijing time October 26th (the same below) officially started, the most fans of the two teams of the Knights and warriors will be unveiled in this day. 26 at 7:30 in the morning, the knight will usher in Nicks home. This will be the Cleveland sports history of a historic moment, in the Q above, will rise the team championship in team history the first flag. In addition to the championship awards ceremony, Lebron and Anthony is still the focus of the meeting is still the focus of the war, the 03 two gold generation leader in the future still have ambitions to carve up the eastern part of the ruling. In addition, Irwin and Ross two point guard position is aspect, Irwin is rising star, Ross is also the peak period of MVP star. How to just after the rape case he presided over the new team, facing the challenge of the younger generation? At 10 o’clock, the pioneers will be at home against the jazz. In the ESPN website record prediction, the jazz was valued to get the position of the western third, and achieved more than 47 wins. The Blazers with jazz one division, the playoff prospects as Sir Lillard and McCollum, but the combined fire backcourt binaries should not be underestimated. There is also a big game against Spurs at 10:30, the warriors in the offseason to occupy the home court, numerous headlines and sparked numerous controversial topics and the four giants in the regular season will be officially unveiled. Spurs started the first since 1997 without Tim Duncan’s season, they can become a threat to the warriors. The challenger, in this game can also appeared. Author: Kewell