[NBA] exposed the Lakers magic to chase the eagle giant tower, where is the next station?

Eagle Center Howard will be a free agent this summer, there is no doubt that the full star inside the power is bound to be sought after by the League team. Recently, according to ESPN reporter Marc Stein said, including the Lakers, magic, a piston, a few teams are interested in Hugh offseason when the chase. The Lakers and magic, piston these teams in the summer off-season intention of Huo Fude chase.” Mark stern on twitter says. Horford although is a height 6 feet 10 inches tall, but his shooting range can even extend to the three-point line, and he both offensive and defensive ability of the increase in value on the free agent market. 2015-16 season, Huo Fude’s annual salary of $12 million, the contract he signed with the eagles in 2010.


This summer the eagles will have an advantage over Huo Fude’s new contract. Horford and Atlanta signed a 5 year contract, salary is incremented by 7.5%. And other teams can only provide up to 4 years of contract. Prior to this interview, he had talked about the future of his own views, there are a lot of things we need to solve.” Huo Fude said. “But the most important thing is, I in here feeling very good, my coach and I have a very good relationship, it is very important to me and my teammates, since the first day I came from Atlanta, here is to I left a very good impression, I liked the way the team forward, I think here we can win.” The past two seasons for the eagles won a total of 108 regular season victories, and in a year ago the Eastern Conference finals, Huo Fude was a reporter asked, before making a decision, want to see the eagle made what changes, he said: “I just want to wait, see general manager and coach will do something, I’m sure they will at some point in time and I communicate. After all, I had to make, will be an important decision.” The 2015-16 season during the regular season, Huo Fude hawks played the full 82 game (career) for the first time, the presence of 32.1 minutes of playing time, he can produce 15.2 points, 7.3 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.5 times capping transcripts. Author: Mu Zili