[NBA] Zhou Qi: dynamic data bounce is not prominent

Today, NBA official announced the joint draft training camp of anthropometric data, this is some of the dynamic data, to see how the data of Zhou Qi. In terms of fixed-point shooting, Zhou Qi in the left the NBA from three-point range cast 5 ball hit rate was 60%, the right to vote 5 ball is 60% sight, left corner from three-point range shot 5 ball, hit rate was 80%, from the right corner is 40%. NBA line circle shooting 5 shooting 40%. In left from the basket 15 feet to three junction within the range shot 5 ball, Zhouqi hit rate is 40% on the right is 60%, in 15 feet of the left bottom corner edges to from the basket shot 5 ball, Zhouqi hit rate is 40%, from the right corner same distance is 80%. Finally at the free throw line is 15 feet from the basket to the small area shot the ball 5, the hit rate of 40%. Throw a ball 6 in left away from the basket and a 15 foot position dribbling and Zhouqi hit rate is 33.3%.


For the right is 33.3% and baskets of 15 feet position the dribble shot 6 times, hit rate of 66.7% and about a 35 seconds time inner corner, moving the elbow region shot, as much as possible investment, the distance is 15 feet, Zhouqi hit rate was 62.1%. Also in agility test (transverse), Zhouqi achievement is 11.27 seconds. In all test player count ranked in the upper reaches. In the ability to test, Zhou Qi with 2.9 seconds, in the 3/4 stadium sprint ability, Zhou Qi with 3.46 seconds, ranked seventh (but in the 11 center, the power forward in the sixth). Place bounce Zhou Qi data is 31.5 inches, which belongs to the in. Zhou Qi run-up bounce is only 32 inches, the bottom sixth. And if it is the same as the position of the players, then there are 6 stronger than him. Because there isn’t a lot of players to participate in the test, or selectively participate in, so Zhou Qineng reference target is not much. There will be a number of high-level interviews with the team, which will be able to have an important impact on the final selection of a rookie, but also can not be ignored. Author: Qiao Tete