[NBA]: Jeremy Nets coach is very stubborn but I love him and never with Muskmelon

October 23rd: today, the Nets coach Atkinson told the “New York post” interview, talked about many topics, including has been a hot Jeremy Lin and Anthony was not. Q: describe your ideal basketball player? Atkinson: personality, aggressive, technology, taking the ball, the best play habits, good habits and always remain stable. Q: what can’t you tolerate? Atkinson: do not fight, do not fight, this kind of person is hopeless. This is the bottom line.


Q: what kind of team do you want to see this season? Atkinson: it’s a competition. Selfless. Ornamental. Q: how long will it take to build a winning team, you will do to the nets fans? Atkinson: I don’t think we can make a timetable on this matter. I will only say “to witness this process, see our growth.” Q: from 2008-12, you are Nicks’s assistant, “Lin crazy” period, which part is your favorite? Atkinson: I’m afraid he hit on the road when the winning ball beat the Raptors. At that time there are a lot of Asian fans in that, the scene is very noisy, even if we are away. At that time you will understand “wow”! This is a big thing!” Q: what is Jeremy Lin like as a player now? Atkinson: defense is better. More mature. It’s a better leader. But still very stubborn (Hahaha). Q: what do you say? Atkinson: How did he play the game, how to coach a very strong personal point of view, I like this, I like this dialogue. Q: when Anthony first came to Nicks is what kind of? Atkinson: I was surprised at his passing so well, I like his basketball IQ. Q: is there a rift between him and Jeremy Lin? Atkinson: I’ve never seen a disagreement. It’s two different styles of play. They are usually different ways of playing. I have never seen any personal conflict. I have never seen them yelling at each other. I have never seen them talking to each other on the dinner table, or not talking to each other in the morning. They are two different styles, but they are very efficient. There is not enough time to reach agreement between them. Q: you give Dandong Nigeria Teaching Assistant, what kind of person he is? Atkinson: innovation, witty sense of humor, bursting, the West Virginia sharpshooter. Author: Qiao Tete