[NBA] fall draft record! The heat’s soul 146 games PO

Reported on May 12: Beijing time on May 12, in Miami the away game to challenge the Raptors Kings Mountain battle, veteran Udo nice Haslem’s debut created a new record, his playoff battlefield time reached 146 games, a player losing record. Aged 36 Udonis Haslem had played basketball at the University of Florida, after graduation, he participated in the 2002 NBA draft, but because of physical conditions so bad defeat. He only signed the French league team, a good practice of the body, adjust the state, until 2003 was finally signed by the heat. He grew up in Miami, so he played for his hometown team is very special. He is not a star, but it is hard enough to always help the team, so soon gained a firm foothold, became an integral part of the.

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And he and the same year joined the heat Wade soon developed a friendship, two people a in the game, a in the locker room, the mainstay of the team. Over the years, the heat change dynasties, stars come and go. After O’neal here to win the title to leave, Lebron also here to win after leaving, only Wade and Haslem two people do not shake to stick to it, became a symbol of the team totem, widely respected. Although as he grew older, he played less and less in the heat, but he still played a role as a spiritual leader. After has lost Chris Bosh and Whiteside, the heat is faced with daunting challenges, squad has no true center, and Udonis Haslem should be ready to respond to the coaching staff recruited, playing against a tall swift, more young talent in the Raptors inside. Even if the outcome is a failure, he never quit. Haslem has never been an all star, but he has the same brave heart and Wade, 12 years of struggle, to create such a playoff appearance record, but also he deserves the honor. Author: Kewell