[NBA]: the first round of Morey sign? Want to trade easy second round can Amoy to treasure

The upcoming NBA draft, the Rockets general manager Morey, is also a Taobao moment. For the thirty-seventh pick, forty-third overall how to choose, Morey is ready.


In fact, in the two round of the show Amoy treasure is not easy thing, from 1999, all two round show to enter the NBA players, only 6% of the players career field has played for 25 minutes. , of course, rocket is lucky, they in the second round of the show dug over some good players, like Parsons, Landry, chase Budinger, Buchanan and. “We are in fact in the first round, the second round of the draft is very good performance.” Morey accepted the Houston Chronicle reporter Jonathan – fee according to the interview said, “of course, we in the second round picks with the better performance. We are very successful in this area.” “This is mainly due to the exchange of our usual discussion, specifically for Taobao such talent is prepared, so we will eventually get a very good player.” Of course, the Rockets have the potential to trade picks, taking into account the first round of the first round of the team to sign a lot of, so there should be no big difficulty. “I think it would be the easiest time for you to trade a first round sign this year,” I think.” Morley said, “four teams, 76, Celtic, Phoenix, Denver, they basically swept the half of the first round draft pick, and all of the 4 team even don’t want all their picks. “For us, this is not the most preferred things, of course, your draft cis position, the higher the better, high total good is too low, so we will study… But now, after all, too many teams want to trade off the hands of the draft, want to quit the draft, and not many teams want to enter this draft through the trade.” “Of course, you definitely want to have a first round sign in hand and a second round sign, better than two are the second round of the signing. But we can also take the two round of the signing of the selected.” Author: Qiao Tete