[NBA] Green’s Diary: I am not a Star Warrior flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum has not been defeated

Warriors in the finals finally to 3-4 loss to Cleveland, they lost 3-1 lead, become first team in the finals by such a reversal of the comeback team. Drummond – Green although scored 32 points and 15 rebounds and nine assists the data but still failed to help the team win, he in the “Diary of the green” also for the finals, reflection, compile the following text: after the end of the game the whistle sounded, I don’t know myself what to think. Incredible, pain. We were shocked and frustrated and angry in the dressing room. But we are still optimistic, this is not our end, but we struggle on the way a bit of frustration. I will never forget today’s failure. They scored the goal, and we didn’t have the ball. I won the respect of personal performance, but I only care about the total champion. To be respected is good, but I have to congratulate the opponent, they desperately fighting, chasing the back, to regain the initiative…… I show how it’s not important. I don’t care about personal data, only to win can make me happy. Obviously, I’m not good enough. When Irwin to shoot the three points of time, I also think have a chance to win. But when we do not fight back, the opponent to grab rebounds, felt the victory in the slip. And we don’t have to be able to help each other. (suspension) let me know more about myself, I have to control my emotions. I believe that all the dark clouds behind the well-being of the line, I do not want to say what the spirit of victory, but I did learn something. I can’t hurt the team. I’m sure I’ll get better. I’ll keep my fight, but I can control myself. Everything happens for a reason. I haven’t find a reason, but I know that I have learned a lot from the suspended middle school.


In the future I will continue to find the answer. There’s something wrong with the locker room after that game. I’m not a loser. Opponents took the victory, we should congratulate them, I want the team to understand this point. I respect Lebron very much, and my respect for him will not change. Their championship means too much, he finally done, the team carried on their shoulders down. I also feel proud of our season, this is a phenomenal season, but we have not achieved the main goal. But this does not mean that this season is full of failure, we will forever retain those beautiful memories. Can struggle to today’s position, I have been very happy. But I know it’s harder still ahead. I’m not a flash in the pan, my efforts are just beginning. Author: Kewell