[NBA] KB did not see who? Clarkson half 23 minutes into the 2 ball steals James

October 27th: Beijing time on October 27th, the Los Angeles Lakers in the home opener.. Rocket squad, Jordan Clarkson decided the game, 12 to 8, 7 free throws in 7 scored a team high 25 points and 3 rebounds and 3 steals, students from the edge of the Lakers losing to get back. Clarkson in the summer to get 50 million years 4 of the contract, but Walton – Luke to him as a substitute, and he was pleased to accept. Today he also let Walton painstakingly arranged not in vain. In the first section of the game, Clarkson in 24 minutes and 5 seconds to play, the Lakers were on three points from the potential to recover, and he did not find a feel at the beginning, in 32 minutes and 2 seconds has also been made offensive foul. Clarkson has always been a strong personal attack ability is known, but the fight is not easy to be said alone, can be said to be a double-edged sword. Until the last 45 seconds, he scored the first goal, the Lakers scored 38 points in this section, and he got 2 points and 1 assists, but there are 2 mistakes. Second section he also did not play how long, a point is not too. Until the third quarter, 5 minutes and 56 seconds, he was back on the field, but he adjusted the state, feel more and more hot. In 4 minutes and 13 seconds, he received little Nancy pass break layup, then made Dekker foul, two free throws. Have to break up to find the rhythm, is the performing time. In the last 2 minutes, Clarkson suddenly broke out in 40 seconds with two goals scored 5 points, the Lakers finally tied the score.


Get the last 14 seconds, he also completed a layup, keep the lead. He got 11 points in the 4 quarter, third minutes, and the efficiency was terrible. The two sides are still in the fourth quarter saw, Russell and Nick Yang misfiring gave the Lakers a head pressure by rocket fire, harden by powerful foul constantly opened the score. Although Clarkson still maintains efficiency, rely on free throws, also played a 2+1, but the Lakers never done in one vigorous effort ahead. In the last 2 minutes and 47 seconds, Russell’s free throw led the Lakers to a 1 point lead, and Clarkson stood out when everyone started to miss Kobe’s key performance. In 1 minutes and 47 seconds, without warning, he threw a record three points, three points when Nick Yang does not enter, he fought for offensive rebounds, successful shot hit. And even cut 5 points, and the Lakers have scored 4 points in the lead. Wait for 1 minutes and 05 seconds, he was forced out of the ball turnovers harden, Jean Randall fought to break back, can be said to be laid the victory. Lakers full court boiling, no one thought, after Kobe’s farewell war, to meet the Lakers is not declining, but the situation is so prosperous. Clarkson scored 23 points in the second half, against the harden fire, really impressive performance. Author: Kewell