[NBA] McGrady still refuses to accept the MVP: LBJ won the Jordan library unanimously did not do too

Recently, the legendary NBA star Tracy McGrady and JJ Reddick, Dudley et al together in the Yahoo! Sports were recorded Werner Rawski talk show. In the program, McGrady continue to adhere to their own “curry can not satisfied with unanimously elected MVP point of view. But at the same time, he also stressed that his personal library and does not have any problems, he does not hate curry. Earlier, the Jinzhou warriors star Stephen – Curitiba was elected for the second consecutive season regular season MVP. Also, curry or NBA first unanimously elected MVP star. For Curitiba, unanimously elected MVP, many people expressed congratulations, also raised the question. Including Tracy McGrady, he believes, curry was able to be elected by a unanimous vote, completely is because too few contemporary superstar, the league today is really too much water. This time, McGrady to reiterated his view. He first talked about the topic of the Union water change. Adam said: NBA President Werner Rawski – Xiao Hua but said, this may be a lot of people have experienced the best basketball era.” McGrady smiled, then said: “I’m just saying, if you go to take a look at the Eastern Conference, if you go to see the Cavaliers in the eastern swept all the time, you will feel the alliance is a water. Knights in the East did not meet the challenge, the other team did not have the opportunity to beat the knights. In the past, the level of the Eastern team can not differ so much, the eastern part of the time have been tried so water? At that time, the Pacers, piston and the nets are close to the level of.” Then, woj said: “so, Curitiba unanimously elected MVP and union water but different.” McGrady said: “I agree, this is really a different topic. I can not hate curry, not to curry. I love watching the game library. I was in Toronto when his father and his teammates, I was Curitiba played one-on-one. So, a lot of people think I hate curry, don’t think so.” McGrady said: “I just can’t understand the full MVP library. Yeah, he’s playing a phenomenal season. However, Jordan won the 5 regular season MVP, Lebron 4 times to win the regular season MVP. However, you tell me, these two guys can not realize unanimously elected.


” Woj immediately said: “to remind you, O’neal, but only to get a MVP.” McGrady said: “yes, Kobe can only get a MVP. We say, but O’neal, may be the most powerful in the history of the insider. So, I just can’t understand, man.” Author: Hu Hu