[NBA] 5 minutes and 0 minutes of life and death! LBJ what did you say?

Knight away 99-105 again negative raptors and earn a 2-2 draw, LeBron James played 45 minutes, making 11 of 16 shots by 29 points and nine rebounds and six assists 2 steals a cover, from the data to efficiency, LeBron’s performance are regarded as very good, the distal opening is his even attack with the original nearly 10 points to narrow the gap to reach, however the last 5 minutes when the Raptors play again attack climax, LeBron has completely disappeared in the field, as though he had not said: “team loses the game is as difficult time did not give me the ball.

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” This heroic utterance. Raptors opening quickly hit 7-2 small climax, LeBron nearly five minutes without scoring, has been in the organization of the attack, trying to into the game with his teammates, 7 minutes 09 seconds he and Irwin with the air then succeeded before, behind the knight 5-13. This is LeBron must stand up for the moment, within 10 points of difference and 10 other completely different, after losing a, LeBlanc said our problem is the most critical time did not give me the ball, this dunk appears to be in the table were determined to show they have made ready for any challenge. For 4 minutes and 37 seconds LeBron with highlights, he breaks from the ball on the right side of the basket, dodge a face billon Bo already in place of defensive air, bypass road to explore the changes of licking the basket score, since entering the league, LeBron play are fans criticized no ornamental, this rare footage of the picturesque beauty, will also be two points gap down to only 1 minute, LeBron first section took 6 efficiency is also good, behind Cleveland is considered normal, but from the first day of the Raptors seems to have found LeBron restrictions. The West finals field, the thunder put Robertson, five air defense also four individuals curb lived warriors, last year the second round the warriors beat the Grizzlies also put Tony Allen, five anti four fix the white bear, raptors were not completely emptied LeBron, just give him the three-point two-step space. Only in this way can have enough distance to LeBron’s sudden strong, anyway he outside the three-point line also voted in. More than LeBron do not cast into, other knights player doesn’t feel, second section of the Toronto Raptors quickly opened the gap, knight team except LeBron ball storm does not seem to score. Near the end of a half court, LeBron again holding attack the basket, billon Bo penetrate early Knight intent, a volleyball air interception and LeBron hard hit together, the ball billon Bo was called for a foul, but also aroused the scene fan cheers. This is the way of the Raptors LeBron, inside a billon Bo sits outside his vote, three points and LeBron a person can kill the whole team? The Raptors can not believe. Indeed, the second half back LeBron still scores, including the Raptors put his third ball into, but two points difference is still hovering around 10 minutes or so, until Irwin jump shot hit the difference narrowed to within 10 points, distal, really difficult moments to the LeBron to honor their commitments? Frye three times in a row three points hit is initiated LeBron and dellavedova pick and roll, then he and dellavedova with staged air dunks, including then hit a layup, Ginobli Jefferson empty Knight instantaneous counter Ultra. This is the value of Lebron. Into the game for the last six minutes of the knight Encore equally common, Leblant della Vedova ball breakthrough to the basket, Ginobli Jefferson is cruel buckle procurable, LeBron is more hi, steals the Patterson back fouls, the ball Patterson is directly around LeBron, barely stop him hit into 2 + 1, what’s next? The two sides at the start of the stalemate, the Raptors backcourt scoring, the Lebron stand up? 3 minutes 09 seconds, without LeBron attacking the basket, 2 minutes and 46 seconds, fell mistakes ball steals, then he completely disappeared in the offensive and defensive ends, Irwin’s third hit before and after 3 minutes in the knight only score, LeBron launched tactical no effect, why don’t you attack? It really is difficult to understand, especially after he shouted, that kind of rhetoric, competition gradually into the Raptors control, until the end of the game LeBron did not sell, final Knight 99-105 not enemy Raptors score was 2-2 flat. Author: John