[NBA] heavy faint cry missed the best loss 24 million

Beijing time on May 27, NBA officially announced the 2015-16 season best lineup, where people can’t see the name of the pelican midfielder Anthony Davis, and it also allows him to suffer economic losses, because eyebrows brother can’t meet the terms of Ross trigger condition, and thus he earn a little $24 million. Is the so-called “Ross clause”, league rules when a player during his rookie contract won the most valuable player or two was selected to the all NBA team, and was twice voted for by fans selected into the all star lineup (meet the one you can trigger), can trigger “Luo Si clause”. In accordance with the terms of Ross players, he and the team contract in the first year of the annual salary of up to reach the top 30% of the salary cap; failed to meet the terms of Ross player, renew the first year salary can be at most top salary cap 25%. In the Davies – Anthony rookie contract period, he was in the last season in the NBA team, but he did not have this season with the honor. The 2015-16 season regular season, eyebrows brother present 35.5 minutes playing time can produce 24.3 points and 10.3 rebounds, and 1.9 assists, steals (1.3, 2.0 times capping transcripts. , despite data still glamorous, but scoring, assists, steals, blocked shots four technical statistics compared to the previous season does not rise against falling. In addition because of injury problems this season, Davies only played 61 regular season games pelican. After the regular season record of only 30 wins and 52 losses, eventually ranked twelfth in the western, missed the playoffs. As the core of the team is definitely Davies to blame. In the NBA League announced the best lineup of the season, the players were small Jordan (a burst), Cousins (two), Aldridge (three), Drummond (three), and others.

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Although in the data Davies and not inferior to some of them, but comprehensive consideration, Davies did not make the selection is also expected. Davies had signed the 5 year contract can get up to $, because it did not trigger the “Ross”, he will only get $. Author: Mu Zili