[NBA]LBJ: is the greatest striker combination or spray

NBA playoff finals have been ended, meet in the finals in 1-3 of the disadvantages of miraculous reversal of the braves and into the playoffs since the state has been good the Cavaliers will.

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And it can be as a repeat of last year’s NBA finals. In last year’s playoffs, the Cavaliers early lost Loew, and Irwin is also in the finals of the G1 did not finish the case was severely injured, LeBron is almost a person to the whole team to carry on the shoulder, although the Cavaliers eventually Tabitha 2-4 defeat, but LeBron my impeccable performance. And in the United States local time Tuesday’s training, Lebron still praised him in the finals to face opponents. “I think we all know a lot about them,” said Lebron. “But it doesn’t mean anything. You still have to try to stop them. This will is a difficult task, team is a frame machine running well, they have a great group of coaches, there are so many great players, so it will be very challenging and we have to be ready.” Warriors are very powerful for many reasons, but “spray brothers” is always cannot be ignored. “They have a very good shot,” Lebron said. “Clay and Stephen is perhaps we have seen the greatest striker combination, such as in just the end of the game, they have some great shots, you already can not do too many things, better attack will always beat the great defense.” “It’s hard to stop them,” said Lebron, the 4 MVP player. “We all know this, and the whole league knows that our team knows it, but we have made the game plan, we have to follow it, to believe it.” Author: Zhao Buchuan