[NBA] Walton: Thank you for the Zen master to bring me into the door and I’m in charge of Cole’s style.

June 22nd report: Walton Luke today officially became the Lakers coach, back to his very familiar with the team, Walton also talked about his past in the Lakers when the. In the “Zen master” Jackson Phil for many years, Walton can be described as a benefit. Even in the team is not the main character, but he was ushered into the coach door. Walton said in an interview, when he was upset because he did not hit the ball, Jackson took the initiative to invite him to participate in the training group meeting, Phil found that I have some frustration.” He said, “he told me he had no way to play because of injury, and his coach told him to get involved in the work of the story, then I have (the idea of teaching).


” “But in the player’s time, I am full of the game, when you are young, you will feel that your career is not over. But it was the first time for me to think about it, the end of my career.” He said. In 2013, Walton’s career was over. He decided to enter the coaching profession, first in the Lakers do the development of the league team’s part-time assistant, and then was hired as the official assistant. “In the case of the unconscious, when you play, you gradually become a coach, and those who are aware of the training of the results of other coaches.” Walton’s college coach is legendary coach Olsen Root, and the player’s coach is Jackson, the two have given him a very significant impact. “Root is very much in the details, he may be in training to interrupt the 35 corrective action. Phil is a big picture, to observe and predict the trend of the game, his style with Olsen coach is completely different, but it is definitely worth learning.” Walton think his coaching style with the warriors coach Cole should be about the same. “If you want to describe the style, I should be very similar to Steve. This is the reason why he chose me as a teaching assistant. He asked me three questions on the phone, and my answer was the same as he did. He hired me on the phone. We look at the game very close, but the way to communicate with the players is very different. But we can say that we are the same coach.” Walton is currently the youngest coach in the NBA, he believes that young is also an advantage. “Experience is important for any job, but Steve and a lot of coaches have proved that it is not the only element of success. I know that I can communicate well with the young players, I have done in the past two years, I can understand their lives, you can understand their feelings. Of course, this is all the coaches have to rely on our job, I hope I can find the coach each one has his good points.” Author: Kewell