[NBA\] than handsome re employment!

The Memphis Grizzlies officials have officially hired former Miami assistant David fize exploits DELL as a manager. And the future of how he will form his own coaching team, which has become the focus of attention.


Recently, according to Yahoo! Sports journalist Werner Rawski reported that former Rockets interim coach Bickerstaff has with the Grizzlies reached agreement, the new season he will serve as the team’s joint manager of the post. Werner Rawski said, in fact, the Losangeles Lakers are also very interested in the team, but in the end he decided to go to work in Memphis. According to the coalition had spread rumors, Bickerstaff at the end of May had flown to Memphis Grizzlies in the interview, when he and Griz coach Fitz Dell interact. Bickerstaff in the NBA has many years of working experience in assistant. His first job as an assistant is in the 2004-05 season, when he was working for the team is the Charlotte Bobcats. The 2007-08 season to the 2010-11 season, Beek Gustave to Minnesota, became an assistant wolves. Since the 2011-12 season, Beek Gustave began serving rockets assistant. At the beginning of the 2015-16 season, the Rockets in coach Mchale led by only 4 wins and 7 negative start, after he was the team dismissed. Beek has served as interim coach Gustave rocket post. After coaching the Rockets in 71 games, Tito will own coaching season freeze in 37 wins and 34 losses, winning 52.1%. After the end of the season, the Rockets began to invest in the selection of the future of the new coach to work. A strong candidate for the original Beek Falstaff is also the rocket in the 2016-17 season, coach. But as time goes on, Beek eventually withdrew from the Rockets coach candidate staaf. However, after a long time, than the handsome in Memphis re employment success. Also according to the Memphis Commercial Daily “reported, according to the more familiar with the inside story of the sources said, grizzlies coach Fitz Dell and signed for the club on the details of the contract to be exposed, he struck with a grizzly is a period of four years, with a total value of about $10.2 million contract. It is reported that Dell Fitz picked up the Grizzlies coach before the two season’s annual salary is $200 million, the third season increased to $300 million, the four seasons is a value of $325 million team option. Author: Mu Zili