[NBA] Xiao Hua: Curitiba ah did not shake hands is my fault

Yesterday, Xiao Hua, President of the NBA before the warriors and a pioneer of the G5 to curry issued this season’s MVP trophy, but Silverstone is sudden, oolong, curry take the initiative to shake hands with him even ignore the, the results lead to heated debate. Now, Xiao Hua has made an apology. Recommended reading: Silverstone through NBA official twitter said: “you have to shake hands, I did not answer is my fault, @ curry, once again, congratulations to you, become history first unanimously adopted the MVP!” Before yesterday, the NBA is short of MVP awards ceremony, curry, stretched out his hand to shake hands with the Silverstone, but Xiao Hua may too nervous, did not pay attention to, or intention is to misunderstand the curry, thought he is to take the trophy, so he did not shake hands directly to the MVP trophy, this also let curry as awkward, right hand vacant will just let go. This thing is also a hot topic of discussion on social media yesterday, Xiao Hua certainly also saw everyone’s comments. The warriors beat up after the game, Silverstone active waiting curry, two people clearly already know previous embarrassment, curry, laughing came and shook hands, Silverstone is to explain what the atmosphere is very happy. This season, curry won the award is well deserved he swept the regular season scoring king, steals, three Wang (402 three points), led the warriors to create 24 season wins 0 negative historical start, also the season completed 73 wins feat.


He even finished fourth in the fastest growing player award. Although he was in the first stage of the playoffs due to injury truce, but the performance of the popular comeback, has helped the warriors into the Western Conference finals. Author: Qiao Tete