[NBA] Green: for the country to play in the Lost Crown pain lobby KD? Listen to the arrangement of the Warriors

June 28th report: ESPN news, today, the warriors star Green in the United States to attend the Olympic Games in the United States announced the media will talk about the loss of the finals. “The pain of losing the crown will never retreat.” Green said, “even on behalf of the England squad for the Olympic Games is a very glorious thing, but we win opportunities in close proximity, but ultimately not successful. It will never disappear. Of course, you have to move on.” Now warriors and Durant rumors a lot, as a free agent, Durant may join the warriors, the current news that the warriors in the Durant plan to interview the 6 teams. Durant is also the men’s basketball team competed in the Olympic Games of members, the reporters will naturally ask Greene if the warriors with Durant will have more powerful? “I don’t know.” Green replied, “now everything is not easy to say, are all in the hand of the whole body. In the final analysis, it is not yet conclusive. I’m not going to worry about things I can’t control.” “It’s a business. I’ve been taught anyway, you either get better, or you get worse. As the team will always have to look at the next step, to focus on the future.” Green said that if the warriors let him to lobby Durant, then he will follow the instructions of the team to do so. USA Basketball array in and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Irwin, Green said, although just experienced the finals matchups. But now when the team will not have what strange awkward feeling. “Going to the finals of course still fresh in our memory, but this does not mean that I want to take the ‘Oh, man, I to Irwin is really angry.


‘ This kind of emotion comes here. First, they beat us, so you have to respect the fact. Second, we came here to play the games, it has nothing to do with anyone’s personal feelings. It’s about the country.” Green said. Author: Qiao Tete