[NBA] thunder steady? Exposure KD most likely to sign the 1+1 contract for Oklahoma City

Durant battle is about to officially open the curtain, the famous reporter Werner Lo Voss Ki – Adrian said that Durant is most likely to renew the contract.

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God Wo said: “the thunder is all competing Durant team in the most powerful leader, Durant maximum likelihood or return to the thunder, and they signed a 1 + 1 of the contract (in the second year player option) and in the summer of 2017 for the future to do far more to, because Svisbruk of the contract also expire.” God Wo also revealed that he gets the message, even if Durant left this summer thunder, he also won’t and other team signed a long-term contract, the contract he signed a 1 + 1. So their future can have the opportunity to pursue greater benefits of the contract. Although currently the team are in meeting arrangements and Kevin Durant, but a lot of teams are actually the this as 2017 lobbying Durant a preparatory they expect Durant thunder the possibility of greatly, so the interview are for 2017 truly recruit lay a foundation first. According to the reports, warriors, spurs, clippers, thunder, heat, such as the Celtic team are in Durant met on the list. Last season’s playoffs, thunder into the Western Conference finals, and once 3-1 leading champion, but eventually was a big reversal of the warriors, missed the finals. But thunder show their competitiveness, look to the whole league, it is difficult to find a few more powerful than the thunder team. Durant naturally understand this truth. Thunder also recently made a deal, saying good-bye to the Ibaka, ora Dibo players from magic there, upgrade the bench. Author: Qiao Tete