[NBA] note: the Lakers were wave God led the handsome face heavy lesson laugh at him

December 13th: Los Angeles in the home court losing to Nicks, Bohr Tianjin Hodges dominated the paint, scored 26 points, 12 rebounds and 7 blocks, can be said to be the trend of the game. There was a time when Pohl Zingis had the chance to join the Lakers. In 2015, the trial of him before the draft, but the final coach team completely underestimate his ability, because they are too rigid VANS SK8-HI DAVID BECKHAM BLACK MENS SHOES ONLINE According to Lakers veteran reporter Kevin Ding said, the Lakers in this loss, but also let them in this summer, completely changed the policy, the choice of the youngest coach Walton – Luke. The 2015 draft, the Lakers have signed up. In the trial of Pohl Zingis, the only test of his physical condition, can withstand the confrontation in the area. Pohl Zingis was apparently unable to meet their demands, Lakers assistant “mad dog” Mark personally play Madsen, Pohl Zingis against completely down to leeward. When the Lakers coach Byron Scott even joked with the staff, said that if the Lakers want him waiting for Poljin Hodges growth, it was quickly put on his contract for a long continued good. Obviously, he didn’t care to hit out at Tianjin Bohr Hodges within a few years. Finally, the Lakers chose Dan Gilo Russell, now also regard him as the core of the future in the training, but compared to Poljin Burgess’s growth, Russell has clearly fallen behind. 57 year old Jim – bass and 62 year old Mickey – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. Kevin Ding also believes that even if the Lakers find ways to find 71 year old Jackson – Phil, it is unlikely to bring about a change in nature. Phil is the famous old stubborn, he did for Nicks to recruit superstars, but also openly questioned the Bohr Tianjin gies, recently provoked Cameron Anthony not happy. It can be said for the Lakers now, Walton is a better choice than Jackson, Walton’s tactical system inherited from Cole Steve and the warriors, is also a representative of the alliance trend. Can follow suit is good, can become a leader in natural and better times. The Lakers missed out on the 2015 draft, and now it’s only a lesson. Author: Kewell


[NBA] scoring super Yao Ming harden but swallow cut 31+10+7 mileage sad but lost lore

December 21st: Beijing time on December 21st, the rocket was strange home court reversed, 100-102 lost to the Spurs, harden the game winner failed, with 31 points and 10 rebounds and 7 assists, it is worth mentioning that he in rockets history scores and assists, were beyond Yao Ming and Francis, a war record two milepost. Prior to the game, Harden total score of 9242 points, only one step away from Yao Ming’s point of 9247. For Deng brother, the 5 point gap is simply close their eyes just beyond the fact, the first section of the game, the Rockets three points not always open, harden continued with singles as team points, single section will have 11 points. So he completed the transcendence of Yao Ming, became the Rockets history sixth scorer. Of course, ranking before him, Malone, Hayes, are Tomjanovich, Murphy and Olajuwon, these players scored in the five figures, at least this season for harden, difficult to surpass the too big. And in assists, harden also completed a beyond, before the game has landed brother for the Rockets with 2409 assists, Francis 2411 times. The first section sent 2 assists Harden, the second section to re debut, and sent assists for Ariza, so, Eph boss was also his smooth beyond. Of course, if not winning milepost, it will become mileage sad, but rocket three points today cast a very tangled, abnormal eggs make fire TOYOTA center the fans to see the pain. But it is Harden, there is always a way, the first section of the game, Harden will be completed outside of pengci in front of Ginobili, even if Argentina Yaodao acting well, but Harden is the actor class, of course, the slow motion replay, Ginobili fouled, only zirendaomei. Rocket three does not open, the game has become Haddon solo, left in the three quarter of 3 minutes and 31 seconds, even the best defensive player, Leonard was on the road to the hatgyi, cheated 3 free throws. With harden in flank challenged Leonard into the box layup. Just by the Rockets over the Spurs team was forced to brother Meng state, has made a comeback, Simmons was again made outside the foul, sending harden 3 free throws. The three section of the game, just outside pengci has played three times, is really wonderful. The three section is finished, harden people have 27 points and 8 rebounds, 7 assists. Paratelum rocket advantage in hand, so can rest to harden with 5 minutes and 59 seconds until the debut. The Rockets once built a 13 point lead, but Houston sudden death, the Spurs continue to hit three points, two points difference is closer to only 2 points. What should I do? Or rely on board a brother to raid layup, scoring only on the 30, has successfully helped the Rockets to stop bleeding, then storm Ariza added 2. The rockets again hand advantage, but with his death, Mills hit three points, the Rockets to a 100-102 behind ADIDAS STAN SMITH LUXE SEVENTYFIVE Of course, to reach the final blow, brother’s hand, but his three pointer, a heavy box in laoke…… Author: LEON

[NBA]76 out 3 years for Simmons value? Opponents: Champion talent bursting

July 19 reported: Yahoo Sports News, 76 people this summer through the draft has been champion the Simmons, and the owner of the magician level passing ability, known as “mini LeBron” genius soon for the Sixers to restore hope. In the 4 games in Las Vegas in the summer league, Simmons averaged 12 PANDORA YELLOW FLOWERS CRYSTAL BEAD CHARM FOR SALE 3 points, 7.8 rebounds, 5.5 assists. Simmons received praise from his peers, and received praise from the 76 men and the assistant. He detonated the fans, but also let the other team league executives impressed. “He was really impressive.” “He is bound to make all of his teammates on the 76 team,” said an executive at the eastern side.” A West team scout said: “good physique, outstanding court vision and passing sharp. Which is not liked?” Last week, there was a high level of the opponent’s team raised a question: in order to Simmons, which is worth it? In the past 3 seasons, 76 record of only 47 wins and 199 losses, the general manager was fired, home court attendance fell to the bottom. Because of their presence, NBA is trying to change the current draft system. Now, however, 76 people are in a position that people envy, Emeka Okafor and Noel are promising potential big, Hornby de recovered smoothly and is expected to participate in the pre – season training camp. Talent male Saric next season will appear. Now, they also have Simmons, the height of 6 feet 10, weight 239 pounds of future super star. “I hate them.” “But you can’t deny what they have,” said the general manager of a western team.” Now, 76 people want to build a team around Simmons, in his side to put some pitching, there are also some veteran. And Simmons himself also need to make some changes, such as shooting, he may need to change the original shooting technology, these are the key to the future of his personal and 76 people. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] book Haojin 2.5 seconds three points 16 points and had great play gongzhan asphyxia

December 19th: Broolyn nets today went away to Philadelphia team of 76 people. The game, Jeremy Lin continue to substitute, contributed 16 points and 2 rebounds assists 4. He dropped into a desperate three pointers in the final 2.5 seconds, but the nets eventually regret losing to 107-108. Since the comeback, Jeremy Lin’s state is continuing to pick up. The last game against the Orlando Magic game, Jeremy Lin scored 17 points and 3 rebounds, 3 assists, the team almost reversed. This is a battle of the eastern bottom team, Jeremy Lin also hope that led a rebound in the road. The first game is still 4 minutes and 36 seconds, Jeremy Lin replace Kilpatrick play. After playing soon, Jeremy Lin breakthrough hit the basket against him, made a good start for the game. Since the comeback, Jeremy Lin in the external delay can not find the feel. He was in the second quarter of the two three ball long-range shot all the blacksmith, merely by virtue of the free throw to get 1 points. The end of the third quarter, became the exchange that war between Jeremy Lin and en bide. The third section is left in 1 minutes and 36 seconds, the first is Jeremy Lin from three step jumper. Looking back, we de shot two in color. 39 seconds, we de arc into the heart of the three ball. 35.2 seconds, three points 76 players still marvel at the grace of Peter and Jeremy Lin is fast, carrying the ball straight to kill them inside the hinterland, break through three defenders forced into layup also caused a penalty. The last 27 seconds, Nebid forced flight buckle manufacturing foul, then the full penalty of two. 15.2 seconds, Jeremy Lin also broke through the foul inside, all the penalty to respond to the two. Within a minute and a half minutes, two people scoring one after another, quite exciting. In this wave of duel, Jeremy Lin scored 7 points, in the face of the great also did not strive. Fourth quarter final 6 minutes, Jeremy Lin return to the stadium decisive battle. In the last 1 minutes and 37 seconds, the team missed the shot, but inside a melee, basketball has been allocated to the three point field Jeremy hands WOMEN’S NIKE AIR MAX 2017 228819 Jeremy Lin ball knife hit three points, the points difference is reduced to 1 points. The last 30 seconds, Jeremy Lin steals it, creating a large corner to teammates open three chance, but not into the shot. Jeremy Lin inside the direct from Nebid hands to fight the rebound, and came out to teammates. But Kilpatrick is anxious for his breakthrough to put basket and blacksmith. The efforts of Jeremy Lin, was completely disappointing teammates wasted. The last 8.7 seconds, Jeremy Lin choose their own, but unfortunately this shot out of the basket. Under cornered Jeremy Lin and then a miracle. He dropped into the bottom three points in the final 2.5 seconds, but not much time or in the 107 – 108 defeat nets. Author: Hu Hu

[NBA] Cuban: early promising dimension averaged three less double face! 1 years ago he said non super giant

December 7th: NBA regular season with the 1/4 schedule, thunder star Wesbrook is currently averaging 31 points, 10.9 rebounds, 11.3 assists. He has the chance to become Robertson Oscar, first players who played three pairs of data throughout the season. For Wesbrook’s performance, the Mavericks owner Cuban said he was not very surprised. He felt that Wesbrook really had a chance to do as O NBA CHICAGO BULLS PULLOVER HOODIE NAVY BLUE “Yes, if you have a genetic like Wesbrook, athletic horror, playing with his energy, it is possible to do it,” Cuban said, “I mean, this guy is too cruel.” During the playoffs last season, Cuban has publicly stated that the thunder only Durant one is a super star, Wesbrook is not. So, how to explain a player who is not a super star has a chance to do a single season averaging three pairs of data? “That’s a different issue,” Cuban said. “We’ll see how the season develops. He does take responsibility, showing leadership. You still have to praise him in this respect.” Speaking of the current situation of the western first of the calf, is not the future to consider the deal to lose some players, Cuban said, this is a specific look at the actual situation. If the team still doesn’t win, that’s one thing. If you win a lot of games at once, it’s another matter, the team’s attitude may not be the same. Cuban also said that the lottery is not to have a high probability to get a good ranking, this is obviously not as good as the team to the playoffs, harvest playoff experience is more valuable. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] Adu 26+9+7 warrior nets 6 straight 23 Jeremy 10+8+11 God soup

December 23rd report: Jinzhou braves (26 wins and 4 losses) continue to win streak away. Durant had 26 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists, Thompson scored 23 points, 15 points Pachulia and 14 rebounds, they led the team in the second half of a counterattack climax, the warriors reversed 16 first half points behind them on the road to beat Broolyn 117-101 nets (7 – 21). The warriors get 6 wins, the team suffered 4 defeats, Jeremy Lin had 10 points, 11 assists and 8 rebounds. The warriors Durant scored 26 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals and 1 blocked shots, Thompson had 23 points, 5 rebounds and 4 steals, 15 points, patchogue Faria 14 rebounds and 4 assists, Curitiba had 15 points, 7 rebounds and 5 steals, West get 10 points and 6 rebounds. The team received the Lopez 28 points and 8 rebounds, Gil Patrick scored 14 points and 4 rebounds, Jefferson scored 13 points and 6 rebounds, the Norwich scored 12 points, Jeremy Lin 12 4 vote, 10 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks and 5 turnovers. Because the son was born to Green Bay, RuNi first fill his vacancy. The nets after the start of military life, Lopez and the Norwich feel good, each scored 2 three pointers, they led the team to lead 20-12. Durant hit a jumper team Glenealy 8 points tied, Jeremy Lin ring back three points, West and Thompson teamed up with 5 points, the first section there are 3 minutes and 15 seconds to 27-26 counter ultra warriors. The nets still feel outside, Jefferson and Harris each hit a record three points, 1 points ahead of them at the end of the first quarter with a 34-33. Gil Patrick used three pointers to the opening of the second day, he led the team to start to 9-0 run, the team leading 10 points. Durant led the team to recover 4 points, Jefferson responded with 4 points, the team firmly keep the advantage. Durant received a criminal penalty dissatisfaction, after which he was not calm, continuous’s ball into, Lopez feel even get 7 points, this section there are 5 minutes and 35 seconds when the nets 57-43 lead with 14 points. Patchogue Faria two consecutive basket to score for the team to stop bleeding, the two sides of the bit, Lopez two free throws, zhanba half the nets to 65-49 a 16 point lead into halftime. The team first half Lopez had 23 points and 6 rebounds, Jefferson scored 11 points, the Norwich scored 10 points, Jeremy Lin had 3 points and 8 assists; the warriors patchogue Faria had 10 points and 8 rebounds, Thompson scored 10 points. The warriors in the third quarter firepower, Durant and curry each 5 points, they lead to 12-0 against the wave start, the gap between the two sides only 4 points 401258-102 WOMENS NIKE AIR MAX 24-7 GS WHITE SPARK VIBRANT BLUE AMFW0315 SUPER DEALS Lopez scored a breakthrough, Thompson led the team even after 5 minutes, Jeremy Lin ring again three points to stabilize the situation. Thompson keep feeling again three points, a small climax 7-0 let the warriors in the third quarter, as well as a score of 5 minutes and 15 seconds to 73-70 super lead. Harris hit back 2 points, the ball, Gil also fined the ball in the third quarter, there are still 3 minutes and two seconds when the two teams to shake hands with 80 flat and 10, and a total of two minutes, the second quarter of the second quarter, with a total of three points. Booker layup, Iguodala and Thompson were hit three points, West also throws two balls, the warriors at the end of the third day to 8-2 wave of attacks, their 88-84 lead with 4 points. The two sides after the start of the fourth quarter each bit, Durant even voted with a penalty scored 4 points, Iguodala in the middle of the, a small climax 9-3 let the warriors to 101-91 lead by 10 points. The nets suspended after continuous failures, Livingston dunk, Thompson hit the jumper, the fourth section there are 4 minutes and 40 seconds when the warriors 105-93 lead with 12 points. Jeremy Lin hit a jumper, three points in Curitiba, Clark scored two goals, the warriors advantage began to 16 points. The main disarm nets, eventually the warriors to win 117-101. The warriors lineup: curry, Thompson, Durant, Lu Nigeria, patchogue Faria nets team starting lineup: Jeremy Lin, Gil, Patrick, Bogdanovic, Lopez, Burke Author: Xiao Liu

[NBA\] George: still want to play for the country in Rio Olympic Games

June 3rd: two years ago, Paul George in a team USA team match interrupt legs. On George himself, even all the hair on the back, shocking the audience. He does not have any psychological shadow, still determined to play for the country in 2016 the Olympic Games in Rio, patriotism touching. Recently, George in an interview with ESPN when he talked about his attitude towards the matter, he said: “because of some reality, I have shaken. Obviously, in the past few years, it’s too hard for me. I don’t think I left too much time for myself, but I didn’t have time to get back to my body. (at that time), I didn’t want to take part in the Olympic Games after the end of the season – but now, I think it was a bit early.” George added: “I didn’t give myself too much time to think about it. I feel that since I have been out of the playoffs, my body has told me that ‘yes’, my heart tells me’ yes’, and the people around me tell me that ‘yes’. So, I feel pretty good. And then, you know, I want to (go to Rio Olympics) to have a try.” The American Basketball Association chairman Jerry Colangelo told the NBA’s official website the reporter’s interview, he said that George after leg in less than a week, the team decided to George reserved a position — as long as he is in good health and intends to play for the country of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. “We think it is right to do so, we do not consider too many details. When a person fall when all things fall toward him, surrounding environment, uncertain future, he had to sidelined for a season even more when he can not accompany us continue to battle — we want to throw everything into the back of the head, and said, ‘we have to expect you, you in the lineup for 16 years and a place.’ ” Konon Gillo said. In 2014, George in the recovery of anti harden accidentally encounter open fracture, fracture of the bone puncture the skin, the scene of bloody terror. As a result, his future career cast a shadow, after all, every big injury, even if he can restore the body, psychological return to peak state? 2014-2015 season, he missed the 76 regular season, until the end of the season was forced to return. Surprisingly, the 2015-2016 season, he became the plucky all star. He averaged a career high of 23.1 points and seven rebounds and grasping, sent 4.1 assists help the Pacers to the playoffs, and raptors seven world war KID NK AIR JD 5 RETRO BLACK/WHITE FOR FALL People can not help but sigh – the former George back, this is even more powerful than in the past. January of this year, the United States announced a list of 30 people’s Congress, George’s name was out of the list, but the final lineup of 2016 U.S. men’s basketball team has not been determined. In the past two games, US men’s basketball team has made two consecutive years of success, but each session are not George’s figure. Perhaps, George is ready to help defend the motherland of the iron throne in 2016. Can we see the figure of George in the Olympic Games? Wait and see! Author: Small Red Army