[NBA] awesome! Barnes three points 4 knife with blood of the 2 war to the top salary?

NBA Finals continues today, G4 battle, the warriors played their own strength, Barnes is still eye-catching campaign with 14 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, second half have several important third contribution, the full court ball 5 4. Final warriors 108-97 defeat the knight, the total score 3-1 lead. On a game, the warriors defeat 30 points, but Barnes is the most outstanding performance of A. He’s 18 points and 8 rebounds, and this is his personal best performance in the playoffs this year. Don’t splash brothers poor performance pressure, Barnes is also great pressure.

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The whole season since returned, his performance has been poor, he doesn’t even deserve a lot of people think that being a max contract. Start today, Barnes is still like a game, hit the offensive end of the aggressive, he was very early in the line to open the handle, to help warriors and knights form a tangle. In the top of the anti Barnes, Lebron also showed his strong, several positions and PK are forcing Lebron pass. Barnes contributed 8 points in the first half, while the second half, his performance is still continuing. Although five points behind the warriors in the first half, but on the third day they launched a counterattack, and the festival has become a watershed, bloom brothers frequently score, and Barnes has been trying to hustle protection rebounds and on the defensive end input rotation. Distal, the two sides into the final saw combat at Barnes grasp the teammates coming out of the chance of the ball, the outwire hit two record three points, played field Knight fans were in total silence. Eventually, the warriors have to keep the lead to the end, the penalty also did not give the opportunity to knight. In this way, they win, the total score 3-1 lead. Author: Qiao Tete