[NBA] Barkley stabbed in the world of Warcraft: to recognize the fact that it

Beijing time on May 11th, Dwight Howard is a guest TNT television stations, “inside the NBA” program, in the face of the mouth, sharp Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, he talked to the oneself in a rocket disappointing season, and the next unknown future. Howard said that for the next season where he might play, he did not know. “I haven’t thought about whether or not to jump out of the contract and I haven’t made any decision yet.” He said, “I have been out of the first round for the warriors to brood on season of failure, I am also very depressed.” After the Rockets were eliminated, almost all the experts believe that Howard will leave in the summer, because the contradiction between he and Haddon was too obvious. But Howard still said he believes they can coexist with harden, said the outside world that he and Haddon hate each other is a “misunderstanding”. “I think we can cooperate well, as long as the ego and pride aside, we need to realize that we need to win, you can. This is the only way we can win.” He said. Barkley mentioned that Howard’s career in the Lakers and rockets are not successful, when you lose is still smiling, will certainly be scolded death, the fact is the case.” He said. And Howard said that he has never cared about the outcome, I have been very eager to win, but as a big man, I certainly want more to participate in the game.” He said. This is no doubt that he was in the Rockets did not get out of the difficult situation of the mobile phone.


“I have to rely on my teammates to get the ball. Sometimes I get frustrated and out of the game. It’s my responsibility. I will try to do better in the future.” He said. But there is no denying that since leaving the magic, Howard career has gone downhill, fame is getting better and better. “I want to be in Orlando, and I’m very popular. Later, people think I am a villain, only concerned about myself, I heard a lot of people say so, it really hurt my feelings, because I have not changed.” He said. Although such as Charles Barkley and magic of legend have criticized him, but Howard said that the own goal is still “became one of the greatest players”. “I have never been a bad person, if you know me, I know that my personality is very easy, I like a happy life.” “Next season, I want to show the rule from the start of the season, so I can’t concentrate on the free market. I want to take good care of my body. I want to change people’s comments on me, saying I’m not serious enough. I am eager to win, and I hope I can make a great career.” Author: Kewell