[NBA] New York will hire Huo handsome has abandoned the triangle offense?

According to ESPN’s latest report, the Nicks team has confirmed that they will employ Hornacek Geoff as the team’s new coach, the two sides are currently negotiating a contract. And in the US local time Wednesday night, Knicks president Phil Jackson and team general manager of mills and hornacek in a New York steak dinner, but at the time, New York, local media doubt Jackson and not during the dinner on the study team Xuanshuai problem. According to sources to ESPN Raymond – Naxieer revealed that early on Wednesday, Jackson is already to the Knicks interim coach Kurt Rambis expression the decided they were ready to hire hornacek. Hornacek in February this season from the sun team class, when he led the team’s record is 14 wins and 35 losses, and after two seasons, Hornacek in the sun’s record of 48 wins and 34 losses and 39 wins and 43 losses. Hornacek, 53, was one of 4 known managers after Fisher sacked Nicks in February. But due to the intimate relationship between Kurt Rambis and Jackson and Kurt Rambis of the triangle offense is very familiar with, so he has served as the post of acting coach at the end of the season. Hornacek to become Knicks coach actually is somewhat surprising, in Phoenix.

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His style of play to its run and gun based, such tactics compared to the triangle offense can be said is a far cry from the. To hire Hornacek as the team coach does it mean that Jackson is ready to give up the triangle offense? It is still unknown whether Hornacek will use the triangle offense after taking office. And Kurt Rambis’s future is still uncertain, but his personal relationship with the huonasaike good, two people respect each other, according to sources, two people once in the Suns as a teammate for three years, then personal good, such a layer of relationship may help them to better work together. Player hornacek altogether in the NBA played 14 seasons, six years ago, he stayed on the Suns, and here he also career only time was inducted into the all star game, in 1992, he joined the jazz, and in the 1996-97 season and the 1997-98 season for team reached the finals, but lost to the Chicago Bulls. Author: Zhao Buchuan