[NBA] who will tremble! Knight 8 wins and 0 playoff home court games are won by 22 points.

Beijing time on June 9th, the knight in the home court 120-90 victory over the warriors, the final big score 1-2. In the first two both the defeat to rivals, Knight at home in time to make adjustments, although Loew was absent, but the team still played with had completely different mental outlook, from the start will beat the warriors, in the first section of the biggest lead reached 20 points. Today the Knights undoubtedly restored they in the rhythm of the Eastern Conference playoffs invincible, and their home in the playoffs remains 8 wins and 0 losses record, even the warriors failed to keep the home unbeaten record. It is worth mentioning, knight in the home games of the playoffs this year almost all is the victory, won a piston 17 points, won the eagle 25 points, and three times won the Raptors were won 31 points, 19 and 38 points, and today they won again warriors for 30 minutes, on average, they in every home to win the match 22 points (total won 176 points) and dominant pretty scary. Knights at home average score can reach 112.4 points, far higher than the road (9 away games are 98.2 points). This is their first time in the season to overcome the warriors, because in the first two are the warriors into the garbage time, the knight’s play and the tacit understanding was questioned again. But today in Lufkin for wound armistice, Knight still adhere to the dozen small lineup, let Richard Jefferson hit the first round, still receive the very good effect. They did not because 0-2 and shaken, change their style of play, and the team did tyronn Lue requirements, the execution of the tactics do better, also limit the success of the spray brother play. LeBron and Irwin restored the dominant force in the Eastern Conference playoffs, especially Irwin aggression on the offensive end, knight in the first section on the establishment of leading a large margin of the key. After strong pulled a city, Knight of the task is still arduous, to regain the initiative, they must guarantee that the next home can win, can the two teams played back to the same starting line. To win, they not only to grasp the home, but also to win in Oakland. To win a fight, at least, this victory let people see the rise of the sparks of fire knight NEW BLUE CONVERSE SMALL STARS PRINT CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR WOMEN Author: Kewell